Alariwo 1 -Race

This story is 100% true and actually happened to me in SS3

It’s 3 weeks to the annual inter-house competitions and as always I can’t be bothered. My younger sister is a natural athlete. Last year she was 1st in 100m, 400m, 800m, 1500m and her house came 1st in 4x100m and 2nd in 4x400m (thanks to her). She was 3rd in high jump, 2nd in discuss, 1st in shotput, 1st in long jump and was the magical defender that helped her house win the football thropy. Talk about an athlete while me on the other hand once got fatigued by walking to the end of the street.


I’m with my girlfriend this faithful day and I’m trying to tap current in a not so obvious way when she says

“Why don’t you participate in sports like your sister?”

“I’m not interested but I’m really good, even better”

“So why don’t you?”

So I promised I would join the 1500m race. I went to register my name and I’m thinking “How will I survive this?”

‘Things Teenage boys do for girls’

As I have committed myself to this activity, I must as well rock it so I beg my sister to train me to be as awesome as she is. I won’t bore you with the details so I’ll skip ahead by 3 weeks… The day of inter-house sports

We usually have the event at UniLag sport stadium and as always the place is packed with parents and guardians coming to cheer their children on. Everyone was seated and opening prayers and all had been done, the announcer called out the order of events and my race was first.

I’m real pumped up for the race and doing all them weird stretches athletes do before a race.

I’m on lane 3 and ready to race. The umpire blows the whistle and I start my race. Half way through the first lap I’m last, but then I see my girlfriend’s face and she looks real disappointed and so is my sister so I start to put all my energy into it.

Almost at the end of the second lap and I’m 4th. Yaaaayh me!!! But I kept pushing on.

Now we’re at the final lap and what do you know, I’m first. I’m hardly breathing but I see my girlfriend jumping for joy so I keep running. At least all this work must get me a kiss on the cheek.

From somewhere in crowd I start to hear

“NIYI! NIYI! NIYI! NIYI!” Continuously been chanted

I search with my eyes out of curiosity and it’s a couple of SS1 girls. Girls don’t come as hot as these girls were. Talk about smoking hot.

I’m gradually approaching these girls so I increase speed and their chants get louder. I’m about 100m from them so I start to run real fast. Now I’m about 10m from them and then one screams

“I love you Niyi! Woooo!!! Go honey”

I run close to where they are standing then walk up to them amongst the crowd and they all give me kisses :-p * on the cheek, now I’m all covered in lipgloss and then I do a little dance for them.

I attempt to go back to the race but you know what they say “time waits for no man” well your fellow athletes don’t wait either. The race had ended during my scherade and I was last so I just walked up to my girlfriend to get a well done hug and she refused.
Apparently she was angry about my whole thing with the girls.

Who knew that would vex a girl? I think she over-reacted.

Anyway, that’s how my story ends. I lost the race, lost my girlfriend and didn’t get any of the SS1 girls. All in all it was a good day for babaneyo.

I hope you all have a good laugh out of my misery. Please do not forget to comment. Welcome to alariwo.

Signed but not read,


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24 thoughts on “Alariwo 1 -Race

  1. fresh_child says:

    Nice 1 ..

  2. megas says:

    Things Teenage boys do for girls…plenny wuda done d freshchild

  3. op3y3mi says:

    Very arresting, nice one guys!

  4. therollngstoner says:

    Haha! Nice one.

  5. joel says:

    Nyc 1 mehn!

  6. Gozzy says:

    Beautiful work nd fun to read…I’m luvin d writing style..keep up d gud wrk wale Bee.

  7. twittinigerian says:

    One word….MUMU!!! Good attempt though…

  8. pornjers says:

    9ice write up!*

  9. ojima says:

    Nyc 1 niyi..lolzzz riwi hilariouss..

  10. lawee says:

    Really funny…had me in fits!

  11. Divverse says:

    my god. I don’t blame u. it’s really nice mate. Headbust

  12. steven says:

    Nic 1………

  13. Ese says:

    Hahaha..I rili dnt blame ur g/f 4 being disapointd..nice 1 tho..

  14. ntino says:

    Yuuuuurrrrr my brroouda…girls fit kill man oo..nice one bro.keep up d good work

  15. steven says:

    Nic 1 bro

  16. Kew-tee says:

    Nyc! Creative, imaginative piece!

  17. thoseen says:

    Nice one

  18. hespee says:

    I find it hard 2 biliv u shenkt the race 4 som kisses on the cheek.

  19. deyborboh says:

    ? really tried in forming dis ur story!!!KUDOS 2yu

  20. @sheypoundz says:

    Emm, am gonna be Simon Carl hia……..d story is boring….sorry guys, just gotta be honest…bur una try sha

  21. @sheypoundz says:

    Emm, am gonna be Simon Carl hia… not really feeling d story….sorry guys, just gotta be honest…bur una try sha

    Bur 4 real though, dose ss1 girls gotta be crazy hot……#justsaying

  22. Hi, I have been reading and enjoying your posts for some time now. I enjoy your outlook on the topics. I’m finally planning to bookmark your page so I can keep returning to it. I repeatedly happen upon it and keep thinking it’s amazing but never saving it. See you next time! Keep providing us with these great writings!

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