Of Prostitution And Public Holidays

The length of my erection welcomed my eyes to the dawn of a new day….it was poking my boxers so much facebook couldn’t have done a better job..
I rushed quickly to the toilet to drop a master piece but it still didn’t relent then I realized it wasn’t the usual early morning urine dilemma, this was konji and it was definitely no respecter of person..
I jogged around my apartment 3 times but that didn’t change anything.. my manhood’s position was still perpendicular to my body…it was more than obvious that I needed sexual healing…
And since ‘Patience’ my st Louis mummy had not come back from the royal wedding, I knew I had to get a professional to pless her finger on my election.
In no time I was in front of the brothel, condom and 1500 in my hand all set for business but I noticed the place was unusually scanty..the bar opposite though was telling a different story so I decided to check there for the usual suspects..and lo and behold the first person I saw was my customer..

‘Hey Bee Afar nah’ she shouted as she sprung up from her seat deserting her stout

Me; E far gan O….Konji don hook ur boy for neck like bow tie

Customer; Uhh u don carry last today ohh

Me; haba why nah

Customer; Today nah workers’ day nah

Me; huh?? And then?

Customer;We dey observe public holiday

‘You must be joking’ I said ad mist smiles hoping she actually was..

‘See this apuna O’ she said with her thick ibo accent….’we sef be workers’ nah’

Me; but how na..una dey pay tax??

Customer; Na by that one..Oya we sef dey go on strike..that one nko??

By now we had the attention of the whole room and since getting beat up by a group of angry prostitutes was not on my bucket list..I gently smiled in agreement to her argument..
She sent me home with a kiss shorter than the one prince williams gave kate on the royal balcony..but I wasn’t even thinking of copious again ..all that was on my mind as I walked home was

‘Should prostitutes observe ” WORKERS’ DAY”

Please use the comment box Happy Workers’ day in arias  🙂


It’s still your boy Bee, you can Follow the madness @goldenmoses

48 thoughts on “Of Prostitution And Public Holidays

  1. fresh_child says:

    Nice 1 but it was 2 short .. I wanted more … D story ended wen I was beginning 2 enjoy it

  2. yelz of course! heehee. You think everyone straffs for leisure? dey dere na! they should observe o biko! maybe one day of no work will tighten their “bucket” small. 😀

  3. Hhhahahahaha its a verry funny post abeg no make me laugh… ??? just having fun… Keep it Up.. 08076127325

  4. ntino says:

    Kpa like dis..ur penis go brake 2day..nice one buh short bro

  5. Bad Pikin says:

    Hmmmn…I feel your pain.Maybe if you had offered a higher price, you could have gotten a special service to heal your Konji Tinzz.Besides asawo na public social worker,so dem must regard Public Holidays..except christmas holidays.

  6. pornjers says:

    Ilikey!* short n making sense…mehn u ball am!*

  7. callmeayodeji says:

    loll, a worker iz a worker…no mttr the nature of d job 🙂

  8. @iHaffTire4youO says:

    ???…ds is sick!
    Ds ought to be d premier story for d web launch….

    Konji kee u…smchew! WORKERS day for Ashewo..

  9. Kew-tee says:

    lmao! very funny piece, well constructed.iLike!

  10. steven says:

    Lmao……..nic writeup

  11. Minoli says:

    ROTFLMFAO…Now this is Insane.Who came up with this?Abeg dey shuld be observing workers day jor.Aren’t dey workers?Dey deserve @lst a compulsory day of rest in a year.It’ll help d Shop freshen up.Lwkmd4h

  12. santana says:

    Lwkmd!!! Keep it up mehn. Makin sense!

  13. nancy says:

    Very funny

  14. warrisurown says:

    As this tory short reach na so e take make sense…ashawo na work o, them get association sef but no dey under NLC (how I take know dat one sef pass me). Make them sef flex this one time.

  15. toyoursee says:

    Oh my gosh!I ciriosly cnt stop laffin…’Konji hook yr boi 4 neck lyk bow tie’…lmao.so wat did U????? nw do 2 yr situation…n yeah,dey deserve a break,dey re workers afterall…crazy ryt up,me likey!

  16. sammie says:

    Nice one bruv……. Keep it up.

  17. @big_jaju says:

    nice one bruv….. cant stop laughin ….. proud of u anytime

  18. Tshosilva says:

    Good 1!

  19. dazzle says:

    Lwkmd! U????? too make sense jorh!keep it up!

  20. @iamVIDI says:

    Well, this didn’t make me lmao or rotflmao but I don’t want to be the sadist of the century so imma say “this was hilarious”. Nice joke though, coz I had me a prostitute on worker’s day.

  21. sandea says:

    Neva read so much humour in one mega short piece..truly fabulous!

  22. MicoMason says:

    #Correct….wale b ure juss a fool

  23. didi says:

    buhahaha, wale ur crazy!!! of course, they should observe “Worksers day”. thats d only way they’ll be tight enough to remain in business

  24. @chimbogz says:

    Lmao!!! Hilarious

  25. marchie says:

    Lwkmd……mumu boi

  26. osisiye says:

    Nice use of pun…

  27. Yes now na job oo u no know say dem dey pay tax to government(police settlement so dem no go bust them )and na serious business in fact one of the oldest ever true story ask braney steinson

  28. osisiye says:

    Nice use of pun

  29. clumzy says:

    Nyc 1 bro, let d nxt 1 b long sha

  30. olubabs says:

    omo making sense keep it up loOooOooo’

  31. siri siri says:


  32. Eti says:

    This is very funny! î was entertained…wish d story was even longer..hehehehe

  33. yema says:

    LWKMD!!! Dis is so cool…prostitutes are workers too,dey should av a rite 2 public holidays even strikes..*wink*

  34. oluwaAKT says:

    Baba u burst my head…we getting dere

  35. remjid says:

    Yu dey burst my skul WaleB, but no holidays for prostitutes o.

  36. @temmithayor says:

    dis makes sense die!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. debbie says:

    Dis s freaking funny lmao

  38. hespee says:

    K, dis z dope n I wonda wat runs thru ur head wat with u write-ups, long or short. Laugh almost made mi cum. *smh

  39. @sheypoundz says:

    Buhahahahahha, nice concept bur d story shud av been longer….it started gettin boring 2wards d ashy joint side…bur una try sha….den I think y shud mke use of twitter slangs, wud av made it funnier

  40. AfroSays says:

    Hilarious stuFF!

  41. dey-borboh says:

    *Applauds* dis is a very 9c 1 bruva….dey shld av a restin day na,@least God rested on d 7th day

  42. Peekadot says:

    Well I must say that its an interesting twist that ladies of the moons do enjoy public holidays. What a laugh! Good job guys. Nevertheless, there was no need to use the word prostitutes repeatedly; you guys could have given our lady friend a name so that she’s got a personality rather than her job description…and others.

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