I ended the short relationship between the shower and my body, I turned around to get my towel but it wasn’t there..I smiled as I took a sneak peak outside the bathroom but it still wasn’t there…someone was definitely trying to be funny..
I Immediately came out of the bathroom with my right and left hands covering my manhood and my anus respectively as I jogged to my locker hoping for the best while expecting the worst

I reached there in due time to confirm my greatest fear..My clothes were gone..the locker wasn’t empty though a note sat exactly where my clothes were before I entered the shower..

I smiled as I picked the note but my countenance changed immediately I read the first sentence..

‘You just messed with the wrong girl You BASTARD’..

Shet! I exclaimed as I put my hand on my head africa magic style..I knew the sender alright and this was definitely not a joke this was as real as it got..
I spat out my drink immediately she uttered the phrase ‘Bee I need 30K’

‘For what nah’ I replied with so much disturbance on my face hoping she would tell me not to worry

Tiffany; I want to buy Brazilian weave-on

‘Hian that stuff is expensive nah’ I said almost in tears…’Why do you think Ronaldo Delima is on skodo’

Tiffany; See this boy ohh…wetin concern martin luther king with crown… And In fact I know it’s expensive that’s why I’m asking you for part of the money

Me; Part!!!

Tiffany; Yes’s 50K’

I couldn’t help the tears from flowing down my cheeks now…I mean what better time to cry for the 20k she was going to request for later that week..

Tiffany; Are you crying??

Me; No there’s pepper in my eyes

Tiffany; That one is your business..when should I be expecting the cash

Me; Err I’m out of cash now

Tiffany; when has that ever stopped you..just steal from your dad nah

True her stolen cash from my father’s national treasure wasn’t news but for some reason I felt more foolish than I felt the second before she uttered the statement so I continued…

Me; I can’t
Tiffany; You say what??
Me; I said I can’t
‘But why now’ she asked like I was depriving her of her birth right
Me; I’m born again
Tiffany;Are you kidding me ??? We just had sex in your car
Me; Ehnn I’m not yet born again in that department

She seemed to have a problem with closing her mouth as she starred at me in shock..
‘Wow’ she finally said as she continued starring at me in disbelief..this was a first and I didn’t spare any effort in disvirgining her hopes..

Tiffany;Are you still going to drown
Me; No I’m going to swim
Tiffany; O okay Can I have your iPod then or are you born again in that department too??

I knew better than to answer the question so I stayed mute as I handed over the iPod…she on the other hand didn’t ..she hissed as she started to mumble
‘iPod that people are dashing their and you are sharing should be ashamed of yourself..I’m sure it’s because of people like you MI sang one naira’..she ended rolling her eyes..

Like Frank Edoho was in front of me,my seat went hot immediately she uttered the statement..not like I’d not taken worse insults from her but I guess it wasn’t just her day…

‘Are you mad’ I lashed out as I stood in slow motion like a kid that just lost a million fact give me the i pod sef’ I continued..snatching it from her hand..
In another second I was up straight..then I started…
‘I want to use this opportunity to thank you for everything you’ve done in my and my manhood thank you seriously..but we can’t continue like this so we’re also using this opportunity to break up with you..and ps; if you’re in serious need of an iPod you can ask MI for his own I’m sure he won’t mind’..

As usual I applied the full stop in my head as I ended my speech but unusually I noticed I was not at the fool’s fact I was far from it..the girl I expected to lash back at me was on her knees sobbing and begging me to take her back

Now I was the one unable to close my mouth..

Forgive my surprise but this girl ones slapped hot akara out of my mouth because she saw her friends from a distance..

With time she got really loud with her plea and as much as I would have loved to watch her that way all day, the attention she was creating was so much even 2shortz and brymo together couldn’t handle it so I started begging her to stand up..

After some seconds of her repeated refusal I gave up..even nigeria told us to rise O compatriots…I mean to serve nigeria is not by force now..
So I took my personal belonging and headed for the shower leaving there on her knees..
‘Well unlike you though’ the note continued..’I’m a little considerate.. I left your phone in fourth sink’

My legs went quicker than my eyes as I reached the sink before I finished reading the sentence…my phone was there alright but it was soaked in so much water the black had removed from the berry..
I sank gradually to the floor near the sink where my phone was doing the same as I finished the note ‘This is not the end you fool..remember I know where you live’ For obvious reasons her threat sent chills down my spine the same way it ran through the first time I saw her picture on my cousin’s phone….she was channeling so much smoke from her nose seeing the picture literally made me cough..

‘She’s a gang star O’ he warned as he gave me the pin..’But she dey knack sha’ he continued….I knew I was guilty of not heeding his warning but even superman would’ve done just same if you told him a girl was a sure lay even if you added that she had kryponite in her kpekus…

All the lights started going off gradually..the closing time was near..and since sleeping there was not an option I sharply picked a floater and made it fit around the lower part of my body.. It covered my manhood alright but it only covered a certain circumference of my about half bread this was definitely better than none….

I braced myself and started running towards the gate…some lucky people were still around…I mean it’s not everyday you get to watch live porn..

‘Hey stop there that’s company property’ I heard as I finally made it out of the gate..I turned back and saw the guard..’Shet not again’ I exclaimed…
But it was the price I had to pay at least next time I planned on entering a relationship..I’ll definitely remember to fall for my type..

31 thoughts on “RelationSheep

  1. jolie says:

    U were not smart joo..u break up wit a babe n u leave her crying at the poolside..then u go and take a shower?!! Seriously?! Wat were u expecting??at least she left d fone write up tho.

  2. ebuzman says:

    #gbam…but I dint lyk ? way eet ended..

  3. @iHaffTire4youO says:

    Guuuuuyyyyyy! Wer* do u get such inspiration from!
    This is crazy…as for the geh…baba free…at least u don break up…dats d price for Ojo-free sex!

  4. dey-borboh says:

    Bee!!!dis ????ยง good,jst teachin guys out dere a little lesson. 9c 1 bruva!!!…kip it up

  5. missy says:

    I love it..funny and brilliant work.kip it up lav

  6. engee says:

    short simple nd lesson well learned..u shud get d full story published

  7. bussy says:

    Good for u both!,……..wot someone desires to eat does not give him belly-ache…..

  8. dejisheikh says:

    This is extreme creativity! Nyc one bruv!

  9. @NaMeBeDat says:

    Lmfao!!!! Ronaldo Delima is on skodo???? Guy u sabi joor…good work!!!

  10. tony says:

    Really funnae

  11. I’ve said mine sha… That one naira song does not apply to me! Taaaaa if I hear one naira. Lovely post ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. bank-keyzzz says:

    U wantd 2 eat ur cake & av it…d babe dull am sef,she suppose rub devil’s bean on towel den leave it 4u 2 use….Nice 1

    • Ayob says:

      Lmao!!!! Devil Beans… sharrap jare… shey u no dey dump gal ni…. i go even help ur EX babes do dis kind time 4 u…Hisses*

  13. marchie says:

    Lol….bee u sabi gan

  14. insayne says:

    Ok, I don’t regret readin my first Bee write up. Comic!

  15. @twittinigerian says:

    Good one….but do you ever proof read?

  16. dp says:

    LMAO, this write up is dope mehn… Keep it up, Nice 1

  17. Alex Alex says:

    Hehehe, can’t stop laffin… Bee, U????? ? crazy!!! I L??? ???? freespirit, its eminent in ???? write ups

  18. shamtest says:

    I can’t seem to be able to reach this page from my iphone!!!!

  19. demo crystala says:

    This is fun-ney,a dope one anyway

  20. demmy says:

    Very funny but its quite obvious its fiction unlike your other doesn’t seem real. I enjoyed it all the same tho! Looking forward to your other write ups.

  21. @SommyB says:

    *Applause* Make Brain

  22. remjid says:

    you’re on point, nyc one

  23. Keeltekjave says:

    Hi. I like your website but i can tell it probably isn’t getting much traffic? If you want to help imrpove that check this website out, he has a short video that i really suggest you watch. Commission Crusher P.S this isn’t my website and i’m not spamming your blog, i don’t care if you delete this comment. I am only trying to help you improve your site.

  24. @ItsMinoli says:

    This is Mad.I practically started rolling on d floor & laffin b4 i even finished reading it.Kudos 2 whoever wrote dis.1daful ryt up.Lwkmd

  25. Her_Gorgeousnes says:

    lol… when you went for oshi free sometin nko? buh erm that one naira song is not for me oh! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. pzup says:

    dis tite..thumbs up bee..proof read sha

  27. wahab wande says:

    nice one ..kip it up

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