Ota with Love

After half an hour of indiscriminately staring at the phone I finally picked it up….’It was high time you picked it up’ my conscience said with it’s usual attitude..I wanted to reply but again I thought of it..he was actually right…the only thing I’d been picking of late was race from my responsibilities..and again talking to myself in public wasn’t actually good for my résumé so I just smiled and continued dialing..

A mixture of shock and happiness ran through my system as the phone started ringing….She had already sent me a message that she would be chilling for my call after her roll call..but this was like 45 minutes after and she was still chilling by the pay phone..I knew she was sweet and all but this was different..st Louis definitely has nothing on her….

‘You ehn’ she said with sarcasm in her voice

“I’m very sorry” I said amidst smiles

‘Ah me I’m kuku not angry  ohh’ she replied in her market woman accent

‘But what took you that long nah’ she continued..

Me; I was doing some thinking

True, I was pondering real deep..I mean what was I going to tell Damola when he found out I asked his sister out..

And frankly there was no explanation I was going to give that was going to make any sense,at least not after I postulated the shoga theory
I definitely didn’t see this coming when I initiated the saying “any boy wey dey yansh my sister nah my enemy”

But like every judas with a carrot I had a plan..I was going to take him out and get him drunk..then I was going to ask for his sister’s hand in the relationship..And considering how drunk I planned to get him.. I was banking he would make a lousy joke out of it and we would both laugh out loud..

And while he was recovering from the hangover the next day I was going to take his sister to a nice restaurant and do the honours.

But thanks to CPC and my Malo brothers their easter break was canceled and the next chance I was going to get to scam him into agreement was july and I really could not wait that long to tell my JEW lie I guess I’d learnt the hard way that so much can change under little time..

So I was doing this one free style..No restaurant no Damola…it was just both of us at either ends of the phone.

I prepared my face though..in case his emotions got the best of him when he heard..I prayed desperately that it won’t get to that though..I was not the best at withstanding pain..but again I thought… what better way to start a relationship than taking a punch for the one you love..and better still the vendor being her brother..

‘so what were you thinking about’ she shot, bringing me back to reality..

Me; Err I was kinda thinking about you

Kemisola; O_0 see me feeling fly sha

“In your mind” I continued amidst smiles

Kemisola ; Uhmm So what did I do ohh

Me; Nothing O..I was just thinking of the best way to ask you out..

Immediately the line went cold for a bit..
After a few seconds she started to talk again..this time in a more serious tone

Kemisola; Okay..do you need suggestions

Me; No..I actually wrote something out

Kemisola; Okay I’m listening..

Me; Kemisola would you be my girlfriend

Kemisola; Hian..just like that

Me; No nah calm down

Kemisola; Okay ohh I’m listening

Me; but do I really have to give a speech?

Kemisola; Yes johr

I smiled as I continued “it’s just I’m not really good at those..you know”

Kemisola; Dude!! Seriously??

Me; Err Yes

Kemisola; that was a rhetorical question jawe

Me; Ohh Okay

Kemisola; Dude you’re a first class student nah.. figure something out..

Me; but they don’t teach us how to ask girls out nah

‘You know your case is critical..right?’ she continued now in a less serious tone..

Me; Yeah I guess..I really searched every where for lyrics though but none of them just seemed to do justice to how I really feel about you…someone even suggested one ‘Adele’ girl…he said something about her setting fire to the rain….but in my opinion setting the rain on fire is actually looking for GOD’s trouble and since I really need his help here I figured it won’t be a good idea..

So I guess this is where I stop blabbing  and just ask ‘Kemisola’ would you be my girlfriend’

She was quiet..very quiet I could barely ever hear her exchanging air with the environment

‘Wow’ she said bringing those 15 seconds  that felt like eternity to an end..

Me; Was is that bad

Kemisola; No..at all..you actually tried small…

I know me liking you is not a secret and all but it’s just that…

She paused…my heart did exactly the same..

“Shet you’ve messed this one up again” my conscience shot without a target…but I was in too much shock to even think of a reply..

“What did you do this time again” it continued without precision..

I’d recovered a little from the shock this time but I really didn’t have time to reply though..I was busy searching for where it went wrong..

My brain was about to go into overdrive when she spoke up..

‘It’s just that I’ll really love to be your babe’ she said faintly breaking the radio silence..

Me; You say what??

Kemisola; I said I would love to be your iyawo jawe..

‘Wow’ I continued as I gave a gentle sigh of relief that brought beams of sincere smile to my face..

Kemisola; I really got you there shey??

I smiled again but this time it turned into gentle laughter…

‘I wish I could see your face right now’ she said almost laughing herself..

For that also I had no reply..just more laughter to ease the tension that was already built in me…

‘I’m really happy we are doing this’ she said this time with much seriousness in her tone…

“Yeah me too” I replied with all the sincerity I could gather..

“Err So do I get my first kiss now”..I continued

Kemisola; Dude we’re on the phone nah

Me; it didn’t stop soulja boy nah

Kemisola; Hian..be patient johr..I’ll be home by july..

For some reason july didn’t  seem very far to me again..

‘Bee some babes are getting angry O..I guess I’m not the only one that wants to hear from her baby..

Me; wow so we’ve reached the baby level already..you must really like me gan o

‘Gerrout jawe she said amidst smiles

‘Take care of you for me’ she continued..

‘You too’ I replied as I ended the call grinning from ear to ear..it was then I noticed I was now the center of attraction….there was no stopping my story from reaching alariwo now…but all that didn’t matter though…all that mattered was that I was ‘in like’ and I was pretty sure it would soon turn to love..


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38 thoughts on “Ota with Love

  1. Iyiola says:

    This is the best-est but am sure a better-est is yet to come.

  2. sammie says:

    That was d bomb! I love that…!

  3. @sheypoundz says:

    Mehn…dis is sme luv story ish……really really nice story…had badass originality..seemed really real even though d dude wud still av 2 face damola….una try gidi gan

  4. Alex Amos says:

    i waited on the climax…wasnt very high, …no need to talk abt the anti climax cos u cant get one witout a climax. all in all, good(informal) write up Bee

  5. kay says:

    The ‘DEEP’ things of the world.

  6. Kay says:

    I was meant to be first o…Damn MTN. Iyiola 😦 😦

  7. Demmy says:

    Captivating from the beginning to the end. You guys jez keep getting better. This is mad ass!

  8. marchie says:

    Nyc 1 broda….lolzz

  9. Dunmade says:

    Am just waiting for the part 2….Damola must av some very strong words for u and a sucker punch too or maybe a beat down wud be better..if u are willing to take a punch,then a beat down shudnt be bad…

  10. pornjers says:

    Just two words………’Brilliant writeup’ 🙂

  11. hirnuhtu says:

    Why do I get ze feeling zis ?? a true life story…..Mr loveydovey, if ze brova shld catch U?????, OYO ni ile
    fada e.???
    9c one. kudos.

  12. hirnuhtu says:

    Why do I get ze feeling zis ?? a true life story…..Mr loveydovey, if ze brova shld catch U?????, OYO ni ile
    fada e.???
    9c one. kudos.

  13. henrie says:

    Didn’t want †?? story 2 end… Can’t wait for part 2… A masterpiece!! #shikena

  14. @deji11 says:

    ……nice 1……

  15. Chache says:

    Wt a dexterous display of artistry.. Really lov d way u chip in home words…*jawe…*gan… More of that joor

  16. ThatSmartLittleGirl says:

    This is really funny, creative and good… Thumbs Up!

  17. @goldenmoses says:

    @iyiola..tenks mayne more to come..@sammie..tenks chief..@sheypoundz tenks mayne.@ponjers *iblush* @kay..:p..@chache tank u o jere..

  18. @goldenmoses says:

    @thatsmartlittlegirl @deji @marchie @alexamos @demmy tenks vewi much:D

  19. @goldenmoses says:

    @thatsmartlittlegirl @deji @marchie @alexamos @demmy tenks 😀

  20. tobi says:

    Natural way to ask a girl out i think,natural feelings and the context , also natural …damn the outcome ,at least he got what he wanted.

  21. remjid says:

    Nyc ! WaleB

  22. bank_keyz says:

    Nice write up Bee

  23. eromz says:

    was glued from start to end, brilliant!

  24. Kunlexy says:

    *Clapping*….. Nyc!

  25. @goldenmoses says:

    @hirtunuh @dumnade @henrie..Err since I’ve appeased the gods(demola) there wee be no beating therefore no part 2 :(..tenks 4 reading though..come back 4 more

  26. doyeen says:

    Notify me when your friend finds out. Na then I wan read the tori!

  27. nihin says:

    Standin’ ova for wale now! Off d hook!

  28. akin says:

    this is wonderful and original

  29. craftyplayboy says:

    nice write up …… pls avoid sumtin on u for a while its becoming a stereotype…… anyways love dis

  30. stevo says:

    nic 1

  31. LamBA says:

    Dude…nice one mehn….about the bro, he’s gonna vex a bit but what can he do….You’re ‘in like’….do treat her right….Yh?


  32. Matrix3 says:

    Yuurrr! Dis is mhadt. Bt wait o BEE!, dis story b lik somtin I sabi. Make d ‘damola’ catch u first(notin can happen, abi na him go marry hin sister ni). Nice 1 Bro.

  33. yinkks says:

    Beautiful story, thumbs up Bee. Sounds real gann. & I agree wv Matrix3, nofn can happen jawe.

  34. Daizie says:

    First time commenting here |crowd goes wild| *adjusts bad geh collar* hehe… Ok moving on. I thought this was nice, but if I hear say the brother did not do anything… How na?but hey, nice write up. really enjoyed it.

  35. Dhayor says:

    Me likey…. Interesting.

  36. kunmi says:

    really nice story …. and original

  37. BiiBii says:

    Marvelous Writeup !!! Absolutely Love it 🙂

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