Teni and I spend most of our time together in Festac town because that

is where we live. She is my next door neighbour. This year, things are
going to be different- we are moving.

As I help daddy load the truck of his 1986 Mercedese Benz with the
luggages, I can see her from the corner of my eyes. Across the fence;
she is standing at the balcony watching and waiting for me to look her
way. She’s been there all morning.

Last week, I had told her we were moving and she didn’t take it well.
Oh, i need to state here that Teni interpretes being sad as being
grumpy. Believe me, I know. Something that must have been passed down
from her folks (that one i’m not sure about o but you know how these
things are now.) Just yesterday, we had a fight over candy on our way
back from school. Now, imagine what kind of war is going on in her
mind just because she wants to talk to me.

I’m going to punish her a little more. Next time, she will hesitate
before pulling out her claws. It’s not that I don’t feel bad about
leaving her, I mean, I’ve known her all my life, we grew up together
and all the other mushy- mushy things but come on now, a man is always
a man, egoistic and all that. I mean, I’m fifteen years old for crying
out gees! I deserve to be treated with some respect, especially from a
girl… like Teni, I can bet i’m even older than her sef.

Okay, (sighs) let’s not get worked up over nothing here Kayode, soon
as i’m through helping daddy with this luggages, I will go and talk to
her. She’s just being a girl, you know.
Boy, was she happy to see me. I can tell, even though she was forming.
“I thought you were going to leave without saying goodbye.” She
smiled scornfully.

“Oh you think I can’t?” Why does Teni have to go on and be childish
everytime? All she could have done was to tell me she was going to
miss me and that i should please call.
“If you like go now, if you like sef don’t call me… What’s my
own?” Now she’s going to start another fight on who should call first.
Can you imagine?

I wasn’t having it so I left her on that note. As we left, daddy’s car
steadily followed the U-haul we had hired, I saw Teni rush out to
their balcony, I watched her as the Benz pulled into the street and
out of the drive way, she did not wave neither did she leave her spot
till i could not see her anymore.

Will kayode ever come back for Teni?
Is this how their childhood friendship would end?
Is teenage crush a reality? And can it grow to become love / lust?

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And watch out for episode 2 to find out
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6 thoughts on “Alariwo S01E01 :MY GIRLFRIEND

  1. I’m loving this! 15 kor 43 ni! Lol. I like 🙂

  2. ibetapassmynebo says:

    AwwWw….puppy love

  3. otusanya lanre says:

    9ce story…nd Track…….ghud one

  4. thoseen says:

    Nice one

  5. honeydew says:

    9ce story….waitn 4 d oda part

  6. @ihafftire4youo says:

    una dey mad ni…just wen i dey enjoi the story!..dat geh sef na wa for am!..

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