Alariwo Poetry : Stanzas from a lonely mind

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let me use this medium to say this: HAppy Birthday in Advance to Poetic_Nerve *whispers Sunday is his birthday*…We wish you Long Life in Good Health.. more ink to ur pen also. …Alariwo Loves you… Enjoy

So sit back and enjoy the beautifully composed and written word from @Poetic_Nerve

stanzas from a lonely mind
By Mike Oluwatobi Ugbomah-onalo

 Staring hard at the ceiling,

My mind running around having a funny feeling,

My thoughts are sick in need of healing,

Wrap of sanity worn and off its peeling.

I worry,

As my mind pushes a lorry,

Mere resting on it,

Catching his breath from heat,

This lines drag me on,

Turning me into an officer from a dead pawn,

Dead from the day we were born.

My mind lost in thought,

How can my soul push the body with no mind,

Even if it manages for the moment am blind,

My eyes finding way for my mind.

My mind sees no time in his planet,

In my world time rides a jet,

That i need a rocket,

Time steals my wallet and times are hard,

I need a mallet and i need a guard,

Time is short,

Make it long i thought,

Can i ?,with my mind running helter skelter,

Finding a rest place,

Thought on every space,

Waiting for when he rests with grace.

Poetic Nerve

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4 thoughts on “Alariwo Poetry : Stanzas from a lonely mind

  1. Ola says:

    *no comment*

  2. Nice!!! Beautiful writing!!

  3. ibetapassmynebo says:

    As my mind pushes a lorry…. Fav line

    I likey 🙂

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