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SO today’s Post has been delayed for a while now due to one reason or the other and it would be from our Fashion Columnist: “Miss b”…..and this is her first post..*applause* so let’s show her some love by commenting below

Hi ladies so you all might be expecting me to write about the LBD or what to wear and what not to wear nahhhh!! maybe some other time but today it’s going to be SHOES!!!..yh shoes most ladies don’t really pay attention to shoes ‘cos you believe once you are wearing a pretty piece of clothing the shoes don’t matter, but then it really does. A pretty outfit can be made by picking the right pair of shoes or marred with the wrong pair!..There are countless shoe styles though but a quick run through d basics:


These graceful, yet comfortable shoes were made popular in the 1930’s and 1940’s when the glamorous ladies of the silver screen wore them for nearly every occasion. In recent times the pumps have become a staple item for every female’s closet it complements the frame and can be worn with every piece ranging from office wear to wedding dresses and every other occasion apart from swimming of course and maybe ballet…lol… Designers have also decided to be creative with the pumps thereby bringing forth the toe pump otherwise known as peep-toe which allows about 2 toes to take a sneak peek.

Flat pumps/Ballerina Flats

Originated from the French also known as cute shoez!..and they are supa dupa comfortable…Adornments like zips, lace, stones, bows, stripes, studs or even a single, large flower placed at the front, side or any part of these flatz has turned these simple shoes into fancy must have’s. So on how to wear the ballerina flats? There is a fallacy that only ladies with height should rock these shoes which is wrong. We should not be enslaved to fashion so here is how to work it if you are on the petite side or with short legs, you want to keep a slim silhouette and lengthen your body and legs, so while wearing these fancy flats try and pair it up with a short skirt or a short dress that will flatter the legs and make them look longer. It’s a great way to look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time.


These wonderful shoes give that additional height you need without the discomfort of the pumps or the stilettos. The sole is built up at the front so the height ratio between the front and back of the shoe is less pronounced. It also gives length to the legs and delivers leaner looking legs.
They look great with shorts, jeans, maxi dresses/skirts and sundresses,”


Mules are conservative shoes but are not appropriate for formal events though wearing them to the office is not a bad idea. When picking out a pair you should make sure your heel doesn’t hang on the edge which is rather uncomfortable so make sure it fits perfectly. The chunkier the heel the more casual it looks. A thin heeled mule looks great on miniskirts if you’ve got the legs to work it, can also be paired with wide-leg trousers or maxi’s!.


Originating from the Britons and also known as oxfords, brogues work best when worn with bare ankles, cuffed/cropped/rolled pants or slim/baggy jeans with a simple tee for the boyish look, pretty summer or floral dresses with or without blazers or a cardigan. They disguise ‘robust’ ankles. Wear brogues in a tan or nude colour to elongate legs, appear effortless and sophisticated. Also a bright coloured pair would add a touch of “feminity” to the ensemble.


Instead of going all boho chic with the mocassins try it differently, be classy and edgy Lets say polo shirts, button-up shirts and twill shorts or capri pants. Keep colors light and neutral and you could also take a dare with colours like purple .Getting trendy also plaid shirts and skinny jeans with a pair of moccasins is a perfect combo!.


Sandals come in different types ranging from the high heeled strappy with stiletto heel which will be the perfect dot “.” on the “i” for an evening dress for a stunning, gracious look!

Jimmy choo

And also the casual sandals which range from flip flops to gladiatorz sometimes adorned with beads, rhinestonez or crystalz which are very comfortable and come in handy when your legs begin to hurt from ur pumps nd stilettos!…heads up though!..when you decide to wear sandals make sure your toes are properly pedicured i.e no cracks and no dirty toenails and properly polished with a colour that suits your skin tone pair this with shorts, playsuits, beach dresses for a calm chic look!

Heelless shoes

These kind of shoes were birthed in 1930’s by Andre Perugia and are back in the style scene thanks to Noritaka Tatehana, Antonio Berardi and others. These shoes are a masterpiece and it only takes a true fashionista to survive the pain that comes with wearing these shoes without heels!…

Miss B(Fashion Columnist)

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9 thoughts on “AlariwoFashion:- Fashion and Style 101

  1. Ola says:

    Good!! Tho’ ayam not a lady..Bur keep it up!!! #NicePost @Laolord07

  2. terdoh says:

    But…but we all know that any guy that comments on this is hella gay. 🙂 Oh shit. I already hit post comme…

  3. ademola odebode says:

    Go miss B! This girl here is gonna shake the world. Mark my word!

  4. helen says:


  5. anin says:

    Witout heels jeez wonda hw 1 cn carry dat havnt seen dat type b4 didn’t evn knw it existed kip d gud wrk up!

  6. @chizzbeatz says:

    the fashion column is just for female or both…which?

  7. DaNIElla says:

    I definitely learned some new stuffs from this, and by the way Ayobami, am happy i checked out the blog, it was worth it, and if you are wondering who this is, i will just leave you with this hint… i told you that the next time u see me i wld have checked the page out.

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