Alariwo Series S03E01: Guns and Roses

Theme song: “Lovecrimes” –Frank Oceans

Both her index and middle fingers were moistened by Kemi’s wetness. Kemi moaned loudly. She drew her legs wide apart and guarded the other girl’s hand as her fingers penetrated and glided in and out of her middle section. Her other hand drew the other girl by the neck and close to her so that their naked bodies touched. Breast heaving, body trembling as Kemi sucked on her lips more than she kissed her.


She said breathlessly while Lolade increased the pressure and speed with which her fingers thrust in and out of her middle section. Kemi pushed her to the side slightly so that she does not interrupt the sensation Lolade ignited in her. She caressed Lolade, slightly biting and twitching her nipple, then her hand moved towards her navel and even lower to return the favour.

Lolade picked up the dildo…

Kemi loves sex exceptionally. She’s had more than her fair share, in fact, she’s had her “unfair share” of it too. At age fifteen, she had survived an accident that made her moved in with her aunt’s family because her parents died in it. Her aunt’s perverted husband had forcefully indulged her in the act of sex after several attempt to cajole her had failed. He had carried out this shameful act over and over again in the same house that sheltered his wife and daughter!

Kemi had refused the first few attempts. She even threatened to scream or tell his wife but being an orphan, such statement as “I will send you out of my house” and “I wonder who will feed or cloth you, or even pay for your school fees when i send you to the streets,” amongst others- send chills down her spine. This is because she did not know (atleast she didn’t know back then)that her aunt and her husband were living off her parent’s wealth.

Mr Akinyele Smith showered her with gifts and pampered her. Everyone thought he was nice for taking Kemi in wholeheartedly and boy! he wore the accolade like a gold medal from the olympics. Kemi on the other hand conformed and got used to both the sex and the pampering.

She must have lost her sense of right and wrong at that point because she obliged him more than he asked for. They attained relationship status. So much so that Kemi thought he would marry her. She didn’t only think it she had made him say it in the heat of the moment during one of their rendezvous. Kemi held on to it.

Akinyele had bought her a car when she clocked twenty four and had presented it in the presence of the whole nuclear family member which made Kemi’s reaction confuse everyone. She dropped the key on the floor and ran into her room.

She was heartbroken because she was expecting a marriage proposal in the presence of the family. This was suppose to throw their affair in the open. (But wait a minute, Is this not suppose to be some form of incest? I will let you tell me through the comment box.)

She was crying him a river, large enough to drown both of them when Akinyele got into her room.

“A car?” She sobbed, “for crying out loud, I’ve been driving one since nineteen!”

Confused, Akinyele asked, “so what do you want?”

Kemi gave him a sharp horrid look of disbelief. “Gosh, you’re so unbelievable, I’m twenty four now!”


“So… You promised you will marry me!”

“Ke- mi!” He sighed, shook his head and sat on the bed. After a while of passing silence, he moved closer to Kemi who stood and backed him, holding her by the waist.

“These things take time Kemi, I can’t just land it on her because of the relationship between you and her. Besides, what will people think of us?”

“You should have thought about that before you started sleeping with me!” Kemi retorted.

“Okay,” he sighed. “Give me time, just wait a bit, let me sort this thing out.”

“Wait?” Kemi loosed herself from his grip. “Just what have I been doing all this while? Is it until i’m old and my hair is grey? When guys no longer look my way? For you, I have turned down everyone looking to go down that lain with me. Are you trying to ruin my life?”

“But I didn’t ask you to turn them down! This was supposed to be just a thing!” Akinyele got irritated.

“Oh my God!” Kemi covered her mouth in disbelief as hot tears roll down her face because of her sudden realisation. “You were just using me, you have no intention to marry me. You’ve ruined my life.”

Akinyele tried to hold her but she freed herself with a violent jerk and spat venom as she said:

“Get out!”

That was several months ago, Lolade walked into her life at a time she had lost every reason to be in existence. No mother, no father, no love!

Lolade showed her love… In a special way if I must add and She had giving in to her, just like she’s giving in to the dildo now strapped around Lolade’s waist thrusting in and out of her middle section. Her whole body was on fire, she heaved her lower region up to match Lolade’s up and down motion as she climax.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” She blurted out in between her moans.

“Oya come quickly o”

Kemi was stunned, she opened her eyes while trying to catch her breathe. She looked at Lolade who was on top of her and had stop the motion abruptly. She was just as stunned as Kemi was. They both looked towards the door where the voice came from.


The Story continues…….

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