Alariwo Series: S03E02 -Gun and Roses

Simisola knocked on the door to Kemi’s room continuously.

“Oh God, she knows i’m in here” Lolade said with trepidation while she scampered to gather her clothes.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Calm down joo!” Kemi grabbed her towel and wrapped it around herself. She was sweating profusely and shaky as a result of the orgasm.

“So what if she knows you’re here nko?

“Didn’t you hear what she said? She knows what we’re doing!”

“So?” She wiped off her sweat with the hem of her towel.

“Some girls like boys; some like girls; some just do them both, what’s the biggie?”

“Hmm… So which category do you belong?” Lolade’s emotions override her and she forgot about Simisola for a moment.

Kemi shrugged off the question “Just stay put and calm, don’t say a word, let me find out what my sister’s problem is”

Kemi cracked the door enough to see Similola who peered her eyes in past Kemi to see who is in the room. Kemi in resistance to her came all the way out and shut the door behind her. She noticed Simisola’s boyfriend, Adetoba Craig was in the hallway. He was scrutinising her body with his eyes. The towel covered only the essential parts, her upper tighs and shoulders were bare. Kemi had to literally press her towel against her breast because she became so convinced if she didn’t, his eyes will remove it. She smiled.

“Ehen… What do you want?”

“Hmm…” Simisola smiled slyly. “Who’s Iή your room? Ade and i heard your moans from all the way down the hall. What if mum and dad heard u?”

“Huhuh…don’t even go there.”She raised her hand to Lolade’s her face. “What if they hear nko? Does your father not do it to small-small girls too?”

“Ah kemi!” She covered her mouth in disbelief, then laughed it off.

“Mscheeeew!!!… and that’s why you had to interrupt me, i was about to climax…” She paused and looked to see Ade’s reaction. He was drooling. “When you knocked.”

“Ke-mi!” She was stunned. “Na you know, just keep it down.”

As Simi turned to leave, Kemi smiled and winked at Ade who was doing unimaginable things to her. (in his mind). She leaned against the door and hitched her right leg up bending it at the knees so that her foot rested on the door. She ran her index finger up her tighs and was raisin her towel which was already raised some few inches up because of her posture when Simi suddenly turned and faced her. Kemi adjusted In time while Ade snapped back into reality.

“By the way,” Simi said, “who’s in your room cos i thought i saw Lolade enter your room?”

“Lolade was in my room but the person in my room now is none of your business!”

Simisola shrugged and walked towards her boyfriend who was going the second round on Kemi (in his mind) he stared at her lustfully. Kemi can tell he wants her.

“Fool” she smiled at him and said beneath her breath.”You will do just fine…an eye for an eye!”


The Story Continues……

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6 thoughts on “Alariwo Series: S03E02 -Gun and Roses

  1. ademola odebode says:

    Good write up! Keep it up…

  2. Femi says:

    Nice one…

  3. terdoh says:

    Choi. Why is Kemi wicked like this na?

  4. kassy says:

    Kemi’s flirty…I like

  5. Didi says:

    Scintillating story…

  6. Ola says:

    Suspense again n again..#Chai

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