Alariwo Story: FUTA

Her; You really don’t remember me

Me;Err At all

Her; You carried me from FUTA the other day! my friends and I

Me; No offence but I’ve carried plenty people from FUTA

Her; We were singing to ‘Love my baby’ together?

Me; O wow! That was you?

Her; Yeah

Me; The girl that jammed the door on her hand?

Her; No dude! The girl that her friend mistakenly jammed the door on her hand

Me; O okay! How is the hand now

Her; Seriously dude! It’s over a year

Me; Well I’m just trying to be a sugar boy here

Her; Well quit trying! You’re not sweet, one bit!

Me: Says the girl that we’ve barely spent 20 minutes together

Her: Dude I might have just known you for 20 minutes and all but those 60 seconds from when my stupid friend closed the door of your car on my hand to when you drove off? I saw your true colour

Me; O lord!

Her; Dude you stared at me like a dunce! You couldn’t even come out to see what was happening? Maybe pet me a little! Dude you didn’t even remove your seat belt!!

Me; I was rushing home

Her; For what

Me; Lunch

Her; Are you kidding me!!

Me; No ma

Her; My hand was covered in blood!!

Me; My father has a very strict policy about family meals.

Her; Fuck you dude!

Me; I’m sorry you feel/ felt that way

Her; Feel!, I still feel that way

Me; Besides I felt your league of friends, dat I carried along would’ve done a good job petting you

Her; O they tried their best alright! but what if I didn’t want them? What if I wanted a certain somebody?

Me; Haha! I knew you were tripping!

Her; Dude gimme some credit! You’re almost bald for God’s sake

Me; This was how I was born madam!

Her; Well that sucks for you

Me; And Ramsey Noah too..Plus God will punish him for making me believe that girls love bald men

She laughed

Me; But then if you wanted me to come down you could’ve just asked!

Her: Asked? Dude are you for real?

Me; At all I like VLC better

Her; Hahahaha funny! Dude I was in pain! So you expected me to like push my friends aside and come to your window and say ‘Hey stranger I want you to pet me’?

Me; That could’ve worked

Her; You’re retarded

Me; I said I was sorry now

Her; And I said I’ve not heard

Me; But then you were tripping! I mean the way you were nudging to my side of the seat wasn’t normal

Her; I loved the song now and it was louder on your side of the car.

Me; Haha! See lie! Madam you can do better

She smiled..she continued

Her; Okay I wasn’t feeling comfortable..we were two sitting in front now

Me; Hian you guys were tiny! In fact another one of you would’ve fit perfectly in there

‘Hian that was harsh’! She said ad mist smiles..she went mute smiled a little more and continued.

Her; Okay I loved your orange polo! And that’s all! No more comments on the tripping topic!

Me; Hmnnn that polo was actually awesome but then there was a greater force in that car that day

Her; You I’m guessing?

Me; Your CGP must be really high

Her; Bask in the fullness of my sarcasm boy! you’ve earned it

Me; I hate you

Her; Haha! I figured! I have to run though I have a lecture in like 20 minutes

Me; So this is it?

Her; No it’s not! You’re meant to ask for my number like every gentle man does!

Me; O sorry Can I have your number


Me; Really though! You told me to ask for it!

Her; Yeah! Persuade me

Me; Sorry, please I beg you, gimme your number

She laughed a little it was kinda light this time and she continued.

Her; Dude that wasn’t persuasion that was begging

Me; O my bad not very good in that department

She paused and looked at me again directly in the eyes this time, her smile fading with each second that passed.

Her; You must call me

Me; I would

She dictated the number while starring throughout like she was looking for something on my face

Me; Do I need to flash the number? You know now to check if you’re fooling me and all

Her; Dude! I’m not that jobless! I’m Alice by the way

Me; Bee

Alice; It was nice meeting you Bee

‘You too’ I said as I watched her walk away towards where I guess was her departmental building

I’ve collected so many numbers in my life ranging from parents to friends to ex’s but then I’ve never looked forward to calling anyone as I did to calling this chick.

It’s still your boy @goldenmoses..stay tuned the madness continues.

Twitter: @alariwowriters

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7 thoughts on “Alariwo Story: FUTA

  1. sealbaba says:

    Nyc…wish its dat east sha, bur dem babes nowadays too lyk shakara #okbye

  2. Femi says:

    Cool story…

  3. msMADhatress says:

    Lmao… Nyc (y)

  4. kulJoe says:

    I love dis!

  5. nikky says:

    Nice piece.

  6. TheresTwoOfMee says:

    Lmao! I love this :’) when’s the continuation?

  7. Duttydee says:


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