Alariwo Series S03E03: Guns and Roses

“Good Evening uncle”, Kemi greeted

“How are you?” Akinyele Smith replied absent-minded as he walked past her and headed for the study.

Kemi hissed disdainfully, she shut the door and was about to return to Lolade when an idea struck her.

She got on top of Lolade who laid on the bed and cupped her face in her hand and kissed her. Lolade sat up on the bed with Kemi kneeling over her, her towel splitting on her laps to her middle section as she widened her legs. Lolade was ready for another round but Kemi held her hands and asked:

“How would you like a threesome?”

“Threesome? Kemi! With who?” She jolted.

“Calm down, what’s wrong with you?”

“Kemi how can you even suggest that? Is this all i mean to you?”

Kemi got irritated. “Hmm! You’re so full of drama, what has this got to do with the way we feel for each other?”

Then she got persuasive.

“Relax babe, you know I love you, we are just gonna have fun,” she touched her face tenderly.

“So… So… Who’s the person? And don’t tell me its your uncle” she said grudgingly.

Kemi didn’t reply, she just stared at her with mixed expression on her face. Lolade got the message.

“Oh my God! He’s the one! What’s wrong with you kemi? After all he did to you?”

“Calm down, you’ll understand later, just play along”

“Kemi i really don’t like…”. She shut the words in her mouth with the “shh” sound as she kissed her passionately again…

Akinyele was surprised not because of the door that has just been opened but because of the two girls standing in front of it. Kemi shut the door, she removed the key and held on to it as she and Lolade invaded the room. She moved seductively towards Akinyele who sat at the reading table watching the drama unfolding before his eyes. She untied her towel and let it fall to the floor leaving her naked. She eased herself to his laps sitting and facing him, having drawn the seat away from the table to create room for both of them. She grabbed his crotch and massaged it though his cotton material pants which denied her full dominion.

There were fireworks in Akinyele’s brain. His eyes were bulging and blinking jackpot like the slot machine but he tried to put up a front.

“Kemi stop this, c’mon!”

Kemi snuggled up tighter to him so that her boobs was in his face, she unzipped his pant and unleashed his throbbing magic stick which has been yelling “let me out! Let me out!” She rubbed on the cap with her thumb as if telling it “its okay, you re out now“, then she tickled his ears with her tongue and whispered into it:

“Let me take care of you”

“What about your friend?” Akinyele asked with a trembling voice, he was drooling like a chihuahua

“What about her?” Kemi asked and winked to Lolade to join in as she led him to the couch.

Kemi had gone the first round on Akinyele Smith and had excused herself to allow Lolade knock him out “in a blaze of glory” but she was going to strike the final blow which will knock Akinyele off his feet… Literally.
She returned into the room, Akinyele was climaxing. He was seated on the couch with Lolade sitting on his magic stick facing him, her butt bouncing on his hands so he was the first to notice Kemi walking back into the room, fully dressed alongside his wife!

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6 thoughts on “Alariwo Series S03E03: Guns and Roses

  1. terdoh says:

    SETUP!!!! Set UP!! Na wa!! Girls should be shot…all of them. Yes. Please sit! Long live left hands yo!!

  2. sealbaba says:

    Omo d way akin wud cum wen he sees his wife ehn it’ll fling lola away #:-s

  3. Timbuk2 says:

    SHHHHH EEEEET mehn,…. lmao

  4. kassy says:

    Can’t shout.

  5. Alex Amos says:

    @terdoh lol…datz wat strted d p…”Left hands”
    @sealbaba rotflmao…

  6. monsieuruwem says:

    O_o Disaster!!!!

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