Alariwo Story: IBK

We’re humans..agreed! But then, in definition we’re just normal animals that had the opportunity to smoke weed thus got a bit higher..this changed everything about us except one though…like our fellow lower animals polygamy still remained our thing

Our fore fathers followed this trait but as civilization dawned on us we seemed to forget and we started practicing otherwise

But then from time to time nature sends someone to remind us that we’re animals and like our fellow counter parts we can’t stay faithful to one partner.

I smiled sheepishly as my friend shook me again saying ‘Guy don’t dull this package now’

“Dude I have a babe” I replied still smiling

Dapo; So? She just wants to meet you..nothing more

Me; Ehn I said I don’t want..abi na by force

Dapo; Fuck you mehn! Really fuck you!

Me; Haha E pain you gan o

‘You’re gay yo….that’s the only explanation for this’ He said as he stood up in the middle of the church service to go and tell his friend that wanted to meet me that I wasn’t interested.

Minutes past and still he didn’t show back..I just figured he’d seen and blocked some chick along the line…I was still lost in my thoughts when I noticed the light coming from the window suddenly dimmed out.

I looked from where I sat and saw her smile confidently down at me..I really didn’t need anybody to tell me that she was the one that wanted to meet.

‘So are you going to keep me standing here all day’ she said without the smile this time


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Happy Independence Day…Alariwo Loves You

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