Alariwo : Meet Me

Ok, so today Writer goes by the name Giovanna and it’s her first post here….*applause* ….Enjoy her Post and Pls use the comment box below… 🙂

I’m a 20-year-old fun-loving, sometimes a childish girl.. I’ve had just one relationship, I like to think of me as a hybrid.. not a saint nor a sinner. I hate surprises (good or bad), I get into trouble a lot, I’m not afraid to let my feelings known n I can b a very big jerk..I hate saying please or sorry.. Or admitting that I’m at fault at something because I’m not. so I’m like the most non perfect person. I’m not arrogant, I’m just vain.

I can be an ignorant freak.. Once I ignore you, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve done something wrong, it just means I cannot be bothered.

I love cooking, hate ironing. I’m lazy though.

I have a bad past. 6 months in Juvie isn’t exactly a delight
I’m not a fraud nor a thief.. I pulled the worst stunt that almost killed me.. I got paid for it.

Hopes.. I want to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel.. And a Pro Singer..where no one objects.. I don’t want to be a one hit wonder.. I want to be around for years without end.

Life.. I do what i want when i want the way i want it.. I do what satisfies me.. It’s the lil things i appreciate most in life..
I’ve lost my friends..but have come to recognise that my friends are those that stood by me AFTER the incident.

I owe my lifetime reputation to my friend and sister Vicky.

Love.. It’s there.. I don’t touch it until i decide to burn it..

Money.. Brings me joy and sorrow all at once.. It’s the root of my bad mind Lmao I joke..

I can be funny, make jokes, laugh-a-lot kind of person. But when I’m mad, believe me I’m mad. Once I broke a girl’s nose with a tennis racket ( she had it coming, nobody calls me a negro)..that’s where  juvenile comes in.

I listen To all kinds of music..I love rap and soul.. And do I have to dress the part? No “Omg you’re a poser/wannabe” WTF you’re The wannabe (lame).. I say be yourself and stop copying people’s styles.. They already exist.. We don’t need a number 2..  I dress how I want (I’m a colour co-ordinated freak) any day I wear a colour riot (hardly), something’s wrong.
I trust no one! But I’m gullible! How does that work? 😀

I’m a gymholic, die-hard person, I don’t give in easily. I have bad intentions with every word i say that makes sense.. Nobody’s safe.. I’m not to be played with.. Every move you make sets a trigger in my mind to help me understand you.. I have standard for friends.. Once you impress me I’ll No longer feel the pain of insecurity ..So let the razor cut the soft spot on your heel..
This is not enough to feed the hungry., I’m a plot-and-go person.

I’m alert, a cat, ingenious when I want to be.
Dont blow my sunshine .. I want the fucking harsh truth not some pretty lie.. Don’t tell me bullshit.. Or you’ll receive a few choice of words before I make you cry.. You’re what they call a waste of space on God’s green earth if you judge me from this.. I say grow a f**king brain big enough to comprehend me.. My views on marriage and children are not so strong anymore.
I’m stubborn! Strong willed, hard minded and cold-hearted.

I was born with a platinum spoon. As the first and only girl, I use that spoon wisely.

When I grow up, I want to be a princess (I already am, my grandfather was the king of Ikale in ondo state)

I don’t believe its lonely at the top.. It’s lonely at the bottom.. There’s a reason why people are there..

I’m not high maintenance like most people think..I’d rather earn something myself than have it given to me.. Especially by a man.

We were dying right from the day we are born..

I build and ruin hopes and dreams…
This is me. I’m not perfect, I’m so vain it hurts.
This is who I am and I aint going to change me for anyone!

These are just my bad qualities L☺l
Use this context to figure out what’s going on with my mind..
don’t try to bring me down.. I’ll just label you as a loser with nothing to do than to take someone down with you..

I may seem like a bitch from what you’ve just read.. But I’m not. Ask anyone i know personally .. I’m one of the goofiest people amongst my friends..I find humour in everything..I’ve learned to put a smile on people’s faces with my bluntness and in return they’ve learnt to love love me or hate me .. I’ll stay the same. I’m thinking Maybe I should take my own advice once in a while.. So in conclusion .. I keep it real. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Alariwo : Meet Me

  1. Ola says:

    Tiz is good.Love ur intro into de alariwo world..Thumbs up!!

  2. pressy1ofobi says:

    It’s ok and interesting
    D story lines are cool

  3. Cross says:

    That’s my girl repping. Good context, T. Hope your next blog’s on your nice luv life and sex stories in Juvi.

  4. helen says:

    er…cool tho

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yhu Own The Smile On My Face Right Now… n Uhmm, We Re Looking Forward To Ur Next Blog On Alariwo

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yhu Own The Smile On Face Right Now… N Uhmm, We Re Looking Forward To Ur Next Post On Alariwo.

  7. Uch says:

    Nice post. Follow me on twitter @uchsteady, i bet u wont regret it.

  8. CeCe says:

    So wat r we supposed to with the story of your life? Hiss. I thought you were telling a fiction or somn interesting. Do better G, do better! 😀

  9. vicky says:

    Yay I was mentioned on the post! *thanks* ehn…I have one objection to that post….you are nicer than this. I love you chick…99.9% of d time

  10. vicky says:

    I meant in* the post

  11. terdoh says:

    This autobiography is poetic. I like it. You can do better tho…just keep working at it.

    Good job.

  12. Park Jor! says:

    *rme* jor. you tryin to hard to make pple feel u r ds demon who doesn’t care wht the world thinks. park jor.

  13. oge says:

    loving dis, dunno y!!!

  14. Francis says:

    :::::luvly writeup:::::

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