Alariwo Fashion: For The Love Of All Things Stripes!

This post was inspired by a friend who needed help on how to wear stripes and I thought of it, that there just might be a lot more females thinking the same so here is a quick guide on how-to  🙂 …enjoy!

Red Light: Put aside all myths concerning vertical stripes giving more length and horizontal stripes adding extra width. Yes its true but not all the time.

  1. Fitting is Key!

Wearing a too tight top with horizontal stripes could turn out to be ill-fitting and unflattering to the body. When an outfit fits perfectly the pattern wont matter.

P.s horizontal stripes with wider gaps are more flattering.

2. Pair stripes with solid colours.

3. Stripes can also add volume to a figure so if you are needy in the bust region throw on a striped shirt/tee and if you need a little more junk in the trunk a striped bottom piece would perform the trick!

4. If you are not sure if stripes are for you pair with a jacket/sweater or wear stripes as an accent (scarves, bag…)

5. And of course you can also go all out looking like a zebra if you got the nerve!

Miss B(Fashion Columnist) reporting 4 Alariwo

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6 thoughts on “Alariwo Fashion: For The Love Of All Things Stripes!

  1. Mecute says:

    Nice post

  2. terdoh says:

    Supa Stripas stripe again!!!

    That last picture… the babe on the right tho…

  3. loooool… abi naww… by her stripes…but ermmm can boys also wear stripes?? 🙂

  4. airleene says:

    er….nope….its more classy wiv d ladies tho….:p

  5. Eudorea says:

    dis is so kool..i rilly needed the tip.thumbs up

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