Alariwo Series S03E04: Guns and Roses

Mrs Akinyele turned to face Kemi and Struck her twice, so hard she fell to the floor with her mouth bleeding.

“How could you kemi?” She yelled more than asked her. “You have some nerve showing this to me!”Kemi could not understand, she was writhing on the floor while Akinyele and Lolade tried to get decent. Mrs Akinyele headed straight for him.

“You’re a pathetic sick animal!” She threw her fist at his chest severally. “I wonder how I put up with this all this years!”

Lolade made an emergency evacuation as Simi rushed into the study to see what the pandemonium was all about.

“Yes Lolade run o… And never come back, useless girl!”

“What’s going on here?” Simi asked confused.

“It’s this bastard here” Mrs Akinyele responded pointing at Kemi who was still on the floor nursing the wound on her mouth. “You dare show me this?” She gripped her by her cloth and shook her as she asked.

She let herself loose of her grip and retorted; “Yes I showed you aunty, how is that wrong?”

“You’ve been sleeping with my husband all your life and just because he dumped you for your friend, you decided to throw it in my face!”

Everyone was taken aback but for different reasons. Akinyele and Kemi were shocked she knew about it, Simi was shocked because she was hearing this for the first time. She covered her mouth in disbelief.

“Yes, you can’t say anything now can you?” She was talking to both Akinyele and Kemi but was pushing Kemi as if she really needed an answer. “Did you really think i didn’t notice huh? All the over pampering and gifts, Isn’t that why you got angry on your birthday? Akinyele can’t marry you, he can’t leave me otherwise he loses everything!”

Akinyele tried to caution her to stop talking but she freed herself with a violent jerk.

“Leave me alone! I have endured this long enough, it was okay when you didn’t throw it in my face till this devil decided to, now, I want her out of this house!”

“Aunty, where do you want me to go?” Kemi panicked.

“Where do you want her to go?” Akinyele echoed, Simi was in tears.

“She can go join her parents in hell for all I care!”

Akinyele who was shocked at what his wife just said, tried to caution her yet again. Simi too.

“Oh no you didn’t…”Kemi shook her head, infuriated as she realised not even her aunt really cared about her. “Mrs Akinyele Smith”, she got up and confronted her.

“I am not going anywhere!”

“Yes you’re leaving this house!”

“You are all evil! All you care about is the money. That’s why you watched your husband while he abused me. If I leave this house, I won’t go without a fight. I am filing two court cases against this family!”

“Look at this ungrateful bastard!” She pointed at her mockingly, “After everything we’ve done for you? On what grounds will you file this case?”

“What money?” Simi asked confused.

“Look” Kemi brought out a bunch of keys. “Are these not the keys to the study? I’ve not totally been a fool while sleeping with this scum, I have my own copies of all the documents. How you had embezzled my parents’ wealth!”

“Your parents’ wealth?” You could see Akinyele turn red. He knew it would come to this, with the way his wife was carrying on.

“Yes all of my parents’ wealth- and you…” She pointed at Mrs Akinyele, “I guess you know already, I was young and naïve when he started climbing my bed… If i leave this house, be ready to face the court on the charges of child molestation and embezzlement! And oh… He didn’t dump me for my friend, we were having a threesome before I came to call you. I enjoyed it! ”

“Oh God! I have heard enough!” Simi said in between sobs and hurried out of the room.

She took to the stairs and headed for the lounge and possibly, the exit door. Her mother who realised She could harm herself because of the impact the whole situation must have had on her went after her to caution her.

“Are you happy now?” Akinyele asked Kemi.

Before Kemi could respond, there was a scream. It seems to have come from the bottom of the stairs. Kemi and Akinyele rushed out and saw Simi screaming for help, in her arms, her mother laid lifeless at the bottom of the stairs.


@Alex_Amos reporting for alariwo

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9 thoughts on “Alariwo Series S03E04: Guns and Roses

  1. MzLucyM says:

    Wow ok! Dts a New turn to it wat a family! Dis is not d end I hope?

  2. Ola says:

    O_o this series is jezt de best ayav ever read..Keep de flow going.Thumbs up Alariwo

  3. sealbaba says:

    It jst had 2 end as a naija movie…not bad sha

  4. Alex Amos says:

    @sealbaba: pls name just one naija movie with this storyline… Thank you for your comment and stay tuned for the next.

  5. Alex Amos says:

    @Mzlucym:no, its not the end… I hope the next and (possibly) the final episode “wow” u. Thank you

  6. terdoh says:

    Choi!! Make dis suspense stop!

  7. na wa for dat Mrs Akinyele sef, y is sha forming heart attack naw wen dey mentioned courtcase???????

  8. kassy says:

    Hmmm suspense!‎​L♥√ع it.I wanna b like u wen I

  9. Alex Amos says:

    @Arewah: lmao!!!

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