Alariwo Poetry : Thoughts gone with the wind

Thoughts gone with the wind

By Mike Oluwatobi Ugbomah-onalo

The blinds clapping and dancing,
As the wind breezes through the hole,
Wind hole,window,
into the wild my mind was glancing,
Chanting draws my soul,
Expecting my body to follow,
Not today,maybe tomorrow,
Drying the land,
Holding the rain,
Knowing fruits from my seeds would be grand,
Without the throne,the crown would reign,
My head killed slumber,
Smiling when your headlamps are on,
Frown and scratch you when they are off,
Casting spell on the wind,
Wanting to tear my mind,
Bewitching but my wind is stitching,
What peace does life hold,
With every sunrise comes a new tough,
Loads has made weak minds from bold,
What gain,what pain,
Do you enjoy from my happiness,from my sadness,
Open doors and thoughts back,
Life is life,
Just live it or leave it.

Poetic Nerve

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14 thoughts on “Alariwo Poetry : Thoughts gone with the wind

  1. sage hasson says:

    Interesring piece!I’m gonna read again and again – feels like it got sturvs hidden in there somewhere and I wanna find em..

  2. ibetapassmynebo says:

    Just live it or leave it
    Nice nice. . .

  3. poetic nerve says:

    @ sage,thanx boss,ui r rite,a lot is hidden,I love making my piece simple but deep,and send people’s mind places

  4. poetic nerve says:

    @ I beta pass my nebo,thanx

    • airleene says:

      wow!…m tripped!….as a B.A holder of english lang in d making, avnt come across such phenomenal piece…nice choice of words, use of rhyme, assonance et al…..salute!

  5. rash says:

    Yeah dis is tite, its more lik it, i lov d creativity… Kudos 2 u bro

  6. poetic nerve says:

    @rash,thanx boss

  7. poetic nerve says:

    @ airlene,thank you ma,that’s if u r female,and thank u for flattering me.

  8. poetic nerve says:

    Follow me on twitter @poeticnerve

  9. hoke says:


  10. Emiponell says:

    Loads has made weak minds from bold… Thots gone wif ur literary works. 9c 1

  11. poetic nerve says:

    @ emiponell,I salute,thanks

  12. edmanuel says:

    This is creatively exceptional…wit som great sense of maturity. Thumbs up PoeticNerve

  13. oluwakemi says:

    Nice piece

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