Alariwo Series S03E05: Guns and Roses

Theme song: “Lovecrimes” –Frank Oceans

Akinyele got back home before anyone else. Its been a long day and he was tired but he needed to find where Kemi kept her copies of the documents. The doctor had confirmed his worst fears. Although he didn’t understand what the doctor referred to as quadriplegia, he saw the respiratory machine and saw the ward was labeled: ICU.  Akinyele knew what he was faced with but he would rather spend the cunningly earned money treating a bedridden wife for a lifetime than spend a life time in jail.

Even Kemi had stayed back at the hospital with Simi and Adetoba. She was driven to compassion for human life although she felt what happened to her aunt was karma for disrespecting the dead.

It was after 1a.m, Kemi and Adetoba wanted to leave the hospital but Simi did not want to leave her mother’s side. On a good day, Kemi could have been able to convince Simi to let them go home but not today. She wants nothing to do with neither Kemi nor her dad. She was going to stay until her mother wakes up despite persuasion from the doctor and Adetoba…

Akinyele Smith finally gave in to nature’s call around to 1a.m. He had searched rigorously but Kemi had done a good job covering her tracks. There was power outage which made him relented in his effort and slumped on the bed taking the whole day’s event all in. He intended to go switch on the power generating set but drifted off on kemi’s bed in total darkness…

It was around 1 :45am  Akinyele had felt movement on the bed as the springs squeaked in agitation to the pressure mounted on it, and advancing towards him. Within the second he realised he was the only one in the room before he slept off, his brain registered information of the event around him. He succumb to his reflex and was able to dulge the content of the 5litre keg which Lolade was pouring, aiming for his face. The acid burnt the bed spread and an ample quantity burnt Akinyele’s back but he only realised that after his head had knocked against Lolade’s nose sending her sprawling the keg flying off her grip. Akinyele pounce on her, gripped her by the throat and started choking her.Apparently she had sneaked into the house

“Harlot! How did you get in? Are you trying to kill me now? Not before I kill you and your partner.”

Lolade tried to tell him she had thought it was Kemi but between the bleeding nose and choking, there was really no chance for speech. All she can do now is to try to save herself from his grip. As she struggled to free herself, hands trying to find something, anything around that she can use to harm him before she suffocate but couldn’t find any. She reached into her hair and pulled out her hair clip, with blurry eyes, she jabbed at his throat severally although she didn’t aim for it. she just wanted to free herself. She quickly rolled away from him, coughing and catching her breath. Akinyele freezed, then held his throat which was pumping out blood like a tap and then fell on his back.

“I didn’t know you were the one, I just wanted to hurt Kemi a little, i’m not trying to kill anybody!”
But it was too late. As Lolade coughed out her words and her vision got restored. She saw Akinyele lying lifeless soaked in a pool of his own blood. She realised her hands were stained with blood too. She just sat beside him. She’s gonna stay with him till somebody comes.

Kemi and Adetoba had left the hospital together after persuading Simi severally but she failed to yield. She had made a spiteful remark at Kemi as she left with Ade, safe for the situation around, Kemi would have thrown a fit but she has better plan for her.

After everything that had happened, Kemi had resolved to backdown because she never thought it will become a life threatening situation but Simi’s remark had convinced her she blamed her for everything that happened despite the fact that her father was the culprit, apparently, blood is thicker than water. This infuriated Kemi and she decided right there she was going to go on and throw the final blow before she calls in the law to repossess her parents’ wealth.
“I can’t have your father, you won’t have Ade too.” She smiled and mumbled inaudibly.

“Why did Simi used those derogatory words to describe you? Are you guys fighting?” Ade asked as they drove off from the hospital.

“Well, maybe she’s right, maybe that’s what i am. A whore.”

“Hmm… And she even made direct accusations”

“Like i said, maybe she’s right”

“C’mon, will you seriously wanna have sex with me, in the car?”

“Again, maybe” Kemi was getting bored

Ade turned and faced her, surprised “maybe?” He giggled and returned his focus to the road

“You can stop with the pretense already, i saw the way you were drooling earlier in the day when i came out of my room in my towel even though you were with your girlfriend.”

“Hey, it wasn’t like you weren’t coming on to me, i saw all you were doing too.” He protested

Kemi smiled, sighs, “i’m glad you noticed.” She leaned towards him and kissed his neck.

He shrugs. “Kemi stop! I’m driving.”

“Like you don’t want it” she leaned even closer, her palms rubbing over his zippers trying to awaken “the brain” between his legs while shutting down his real brain with her deep kisses.

He stretched to see the road as he cut the kiss short, he hitched his shoulder, pushing her slightly to make room enough for his view of the road. “You’re gonna cost us our lives”

Hmm… I intend to.”

She snuggled up close to him and unzipped his pants, reached into it, bringing out his hard and throbbing little man… Or big man as the case may be. (We will let Kemi tell us).
Anyways, she massage the hard and standing little/big man for a while, heaving her chest against his shoulder so as to let him feel her succulent breasts. Ade was overwhelmed with arousal but he kept on driving and kept his eyes on the road, only watching what Kemi was doing to him at intervals. She flipped her hair backwards, holding it with her left hand. Her other hand, steady massaging his tool while she bent over and tickled the cap with the tip of her tongue wagging over it. She sent chills all over Ade. she followed up by licking on the cap, all mouth in. Like lil wayne said it, “lick like a lollipop“- until her mouth went lower, swallowing more, sucking more…

Ade got overwhelmed. It made Kemi increase the speed of her motion, lubricating him with her saliva. She did not withdraw her hands but was switching between both. As Ade was climaxing, she withdrew her mouth and massaged the lubricated little/big man so much Ade lost himself. He peddled till the accelerator was touching the metal, Kemi laughed out loud as she kept on massaging him fast. He closed his eyes and moaned loudly as an effect of the climax, he didn’t even noticed he had veered off the road. The car, at the speed of 90km/hr hit the curb. The impact was so intense it lifted the car and it tumbled numerous times off the road  flinging Kemi and Ade out through the windscreen. They all landed in the bush. It was after 2am.
Lolade was sitting behind police counter battered when she saw Ade and Kemi’scorpse on the 9am News at sunrise. Apparently, Simi came home and met her where she sat beside her lifeless father. She had come to tell her father the only reason he will be going back to the hospital is to pick her mother’s corpse.

“Justice!” Lolade said as she was being led into jail.
T H E  E N D

@Alex_Amos Reporting for Alariwo

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6 thoughts on “Alariwo Series S03E05: Guns and Roses

  1. ibetapassmynebo says:

    Finally. . .loool

  2. Lovely read I must say… But too many grammatical errors.

  3. Alex Amos says:

    We apologise, i take the blame, no excuse. It won’t happen again. Tanx @sandie

  4. kassy says:

    Awww!look hw they all ended.

  5. Tam Enigma says:

    Kool story.

  6. Mepuah says:

    All is well that ends well!

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