Alariwo Poetry : One day,many fingers,one flesh

 One day,many fingers,one flesh

By Mike Oluwatobi Ugbomah-onalo

Cries telling groans to chill,
Grumbling killing their will,
Cries of joy,cries of pain,
Difference lost in the house,
House of cure,house of pain,
Wearing joy and pain like a blouse,
Happening severally in one place,
In places in one space,
Cradle cries creeping till it crowds,
Sunrise to sunset,
Many fingers brought to life,
Equal not in mind when forming the set,
From different world is their minds,
Their minds are set,
Different strength and mindset,
Acting in one act,
The flesh makes the equal,
Putting one spirit like liquor,
One bends while the other stands,
When they return to ashes,
By different gates they go,
They all came through same way,
Same minute,same second,
Saying bye at different times

Poetic Nerve

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4 thoughts on “Alariwo Poetry : One day,many fingers,one flesh

  1. Fabb says:

    Thumbs up!

  2. @amazingkpapi says:

    A nice piece

  3. airleene says:


  4. msmadhatress says:

    i Lyk… nyc (y)

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