Alariwo Lifematics : The B.O.X

#Np TerryG- Free Madness

Recently I noticed there has been an avocation for insanity on twitter. This certainly can’t be overlooked because Social networks have become an integral part of our lives.

As we witness the dynamics of the world shift over the years, there is a recent plunge to be insane; an urge to be different yet noticed. This urge could lead to doing supposedly abnormal things to seem cool on the long run but our lazy mind is hindering us from creating our own unique insanity. Therefore we settle by copying the trends of a distinct set of people who have modelled their lives into making the rest of the lazy world follow them and their special way of thinking.

You find a particular set of people doing something different, you say “oh that’s insane, let me do it”. Someone else sees you and copies you and it goes on and on until the entire population boards the locomotive train heading to the western part of Yaba. Reminiscing on the trend that took place on twitter months back “Planking“. That internet craze where people laid facing downwards in bizarre locations? Yes! We also remember how the equation went as regards casualties and converts. It was a dangerous sport but for every 10 casualties recorded, they were eight thousand converts and within three to four days… almost everyone had a twitpic.

There are also instances where funny people have resorted to cracking dry jokes and now we see dry people doing it too. Imagine the brain friction that can result from that. Anyways we can’t be charged to court, because there might not be light. ^_^

When a whole group of people start doing something previously considered to be insane, can that thing be said to be sane?

In the Layman’s view, insanity is when you go against the norm. When everyone does the “insane” doesn’t that make it the “norm”? And doesn’t the previously sane act become “insane”?

Same goes for “thinking outside the box” which is going above the status quo (norm)…Person 1 thinks out of the box, comes up with crazy ideas. Person 2 copies person 1. Person 3 copies Person 2 and there goes a whole bunch of people doing the same thing. One person takes that bold step to create something and “Boooom!” we all follow. Often forgetting that being creative is different from being courageous.

Does it take longer to create something different? Or is the creation process the same, regardless of what you are creating?

Plagiarism of ideas is controversial and it becomes boring after a short while. Being original gives you a sense of belonging especially if your concept is accepted by the lazy public and it will be on the long run.

My opinion is that if everyone is doing the “insane”, why not do the sane ? If everyone decides to think outside the box, don’t you think there would be hidden ideas in the box waiting to be explored?

Don’t limit yourself; our mind was made to explore limitless opportunities regardless of whether you end up being insane.

Didi reporting for Alariwo

8 thoughts on “Alariwo Lifematics : The B.O.X

  1. Coaj says:

    How true! There’s nothing wrong in being normal or urself, just be unique in you own way.
    Thumbs up man, I love the choice of words, the comination of word and the motivation behind this.
    Nice one

  2. dante says:

    Nice piece. But the problem Is no one is gonna take the advice and get corrected. We all want to follow that’s our problem. Hope pple learn from this

  3. Ola says:

    Nice write-up tho’

  4. nyc’dry joke’ lol… koolies didi… pleni thumbs up! *chop kiss*

  5. well said…totally dig ur point…lol

  6. @sheypoundz says:

    I av laugh tire……….I luv dis article

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