Alariwo Lifematics :Wishes

Heheheh so Today’s Post is a Special one :

Well cos it’s from our little celeb writer @pikcha_perfect a.k.a Giovanna and also cos today is her birthday…

So From the whole Alariwo Team it’s a Happy Birthday to Giovanna …Wishing u Long Life In Good Health and GOD go make you BIGGER

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sometimes wishes are made for some desires to be answered.
sometimes there is no room for a wish

I wish this, I wish that
I wish I could change some things in my life
I wish some mistakes that are to come will never be made
but I realised wishes are not true, they are not real. They are just like fairies.
My life is pretty simple, eat, sleep, read, laugh, play. Daily routine in no order at all.
But I have opened one chapter in my life that has made me see life in a whole new perspective.

I do not wake up and sleep for the same reason. (This has a hidden meaning).
I definitely do not take life seriously, we all die someday, no matter the exercise!

I always think, if i die today, and there were steps going to hell and heaven.. i’d slide all the way down.. but i pray not

I wish the ground would swallow me up. I contradict myself too much. Maybe life wasn’t meant for me.

I walk into the kitchen staring at the knives, i hear a thousand voices calling my name. A thousand eyes looking back at me, saying i have done wrong and must be punished.

I shut my eyelids, press hard against myself and sigh “it is all a dream, it is not happening”

Detoke is dying. Detoke is fading. Detoke does not need pity. Detoke deserves it.
I heard it all before. Now i want a wish! just ONE wish, to change some situations in my life.
Some things i wish i didn’t do, some i wish i did.
BUT you all will get to see for yourselves that I did what i did in my life because i felt it was right. Maybe i felt a little greedy. Everybody makes mistakes, if you don’t live with it, eat something rotten, curl up and die. I don’t really give a shit these days…
But some of your questions cannot and will never be answered by me,
No matter how much you ask.
I am no writer. I shall fade away just like the people before me

 @pikcha_perfect ….Reporting 4 Alariwo

17 thoughts on “Alariwo Lifematics :Wishes

  1. gee says:

    Yep.. HBD to me! 😀

  2. Scriptkid says:

    Scriptkid waz ere!!! *kisses*

  3. Ayob Alariwo says:

    @Gee lmao Hapi Birthday to u Madam… 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Niceeeee !!

  5. Prince says:

    Prince Meyson waz here…nice 1 love. HBD to u my dear.

  6. luke says:

    hapi bufdae madam, d post gvs 1 an opportunity 2 tink

  7. Bruce Wayne says:

    Deep…Happy birthday dear, have a good one…Cheers!

  8. Mcskill ThaPreacha says:

    Happy Birthday hun!

  9. wahab wande says:

    Nyc one…bout dis “I do not wake up and sleep for the same reason” u sed d meanin is hidden..i wanna knw oo….*Big Smile*…Happy bday dear..LL&P..

  10. @amazingkpapi says:

    cool!! keep up the good work!!!

  11. @dontushe says:

    nyc write-up happy birthday nd err….nff 😀

  12. Stanlae Ejiogu says:

    Honest write – up, bit scary too. I like

  13. msmadhatress says:

    Happy After BirthDay!!!

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