Alariwo Lifematics: Simple complexity

So well today’s Post is going to be a little bit different/ interesting… well as you  read you would know why i said that…..

Ok so i introduce our guest Writer for the Day @Coajlove he is an interesting Writer.. check out his Blog later on Click here

Alariwo Lifematics: Simple complexity

Why do we, rather, people believe that things have to be complex for it to be worth something?

I somehow seem to wonder how people crave for complexity, things that seem to put them in a long state of anxiety and often don’t get interested by simple and plain sincerity. People seem to prefer watching movies that they probably have to spend hours tying to figure out what it’s actually about. They seem to be agitated by things that are complicated and plain sincerity is gradually loosing it’s dignity.

It’s amazing that as we struggle to figure and explain the complicated things of life, we still seem to always enjoy spending time in disambiguation on issues that could be expressed without so much obscurity.

I recently came across a very talented writer with an amazing personality, I was and still am glad I met him because he’s a great person and finally I found a writer I can relate with —> (Ayob Alariwo *i-Blush* ) . I sent him a new write up, as a matter of fact the previous write up below this one (the beauty of reality). With that write up I tried to pass across a message to my readers in a less ambiguous manner, as plainly as possible. He later related to me that he felt it was too simple for his blog (x_X i’m sorry, i did really say that…) and he’d have preferred if it were a lil more complex. I didn’t feel bad and still don’t, in fact I’m kind of happy because it gave the inspiration for this *smiling*. (Yeah i gave him inspiration…*OkBye before u all kill me) 

I just wonder how the lame man can relate to my write ups if they are always enigmatic.

A lecturer of mine while I was in the university often said, “why try to kill a fly with a sledge hammer when a broom can easily do it”.

In all, what I’ve been trying to say is, why complicate more the lives of others with things that we can express in a less abstruse manner. Life on it’s own is complicated so living as simple as possible wouldn’t hurt.

I’m not trying to say complex write ups are bad, I’m just saying simple ones aren’t either, as long as the message is clearly passed across to the readers.



A couple has been in search of a child, one day the lady gets pregnant and they realize they’re going to be parents. On the other hand they figure they may never be able to bear children and they decide to adopt, they look into the eyes of the child and realize they do not have to keep searching, hoping, crying and praying anymore and they are happy.


A child grows up, goes through school with the aim of passing every examination and making his/her parent proud, he/she does so and graduates with flying colors and everyone’s happy. On the other hand something goes wrong and he/she is rusticated or could not continue schooling for other reasons, he/she leaves school, starts up a business and then realizes he/she never has to struggle to pass any exam, never has to carry the burden of impressing anyone and he/she is happy.


A guy gets a crush on a girl and goes after her for a long time, funny he gets her and he’s happy and they live happy. On the other hand he figures he may never have her (probably because she’s interested in another), he decides to let go and moves on with his life, he probably may have spent (wasted) years going after her and hoping she’d love him back but then he realizes he never has to waste anymore second, minute, hour, day, month or year ever again and he’s happy.


A girl keeps going after a guy who constantly breaks her heart with the hope that one day he’ll realize that he’s been hurting her and learn to love her back, she gets her wish and he apologizes and truly changes his attitude. On the other hand she figures he may never change and that some other guy would gladly do anything to make her happy, she decides to let go and gives the other guy a chance then she realizes she never has to waste her time anymore and also never has to get her heart broken ever again and she’s happy.


Is that no matter the outcome of life, something good can always come out of the worse, so instead of feeling sad and shedding tears, why not put up a smile and look for the good in whatever bad situation life throws at you because that’s when you make reality beautiful.

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6 thoughts on “Alariwo Lifematics: Simple complexity

  1. MzLucyM says:

    :’) this is soo nice.. Made me feel good about errfn all of a sudden 🙂

  2. dante says:

    Simple and tight! Nice piece!

  3. fify says:

    Simple, yet complex lol. Nice one…

  4. rasheed says:

    More grace!

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