Alariwo Lifematics: RETROSPECT

It’s the end of the year, errr… obviously! A lot of us have made new year resolutions. I made mine and its 1600x2000pixels.

2011 was a great year for me. I graduated 😀 , became a certified project manager, then I went to the citadel of suffering a.k.a NYSC camp. It was one hell of a bittersweet experience. I finally played that sport, you know, the one where you look left, look right and fling the ball, yeah that one. We had to sit on the floor so many times that my bum reduced :(. The upsides were semi-wild nights in ‘mami market’, consistent supply of fermented sugars, and the friends I made.

I was chatting with a friend some days back, reflecting on the year and out of the blues she says, “in 2011, I discovered that boys are total and complete idiots, but for the strangest reasons we still need them”
I thought I should share five things this year taught me:

1. Life will not always go your way. We all know the idiom “when life gives you lemons, make lemonades”, we always have to make the best of our situations. But then again, I’m also of the opinion that “when life gives you lemons, hand them back and demand for strawberries”. You don’t have to lay back and accept what life gives you all the time. If you don’t push for some certain things, you’ll never get them.

2. It doesn’t matter how many resources you have, if you don’t know how to use them, they’ll never be enough. No man is an island. If we don’t ask about how things were previously done, we’d most likely not get it right.

3. The value of friendship! Without my friends I wouldn’t have been able to achieve most of the milestones I reached this year.
Sometimes I want to be able to read my friends minds and know what they think about me but on a second thought, its just gonna be ‘bleurgh’
I think the suspense of not knowing what’s going through peoples minds or not knowing what might happen next is the major spice of life. ^_^.

4. There’s always a way out. With enough dedication and time. No matter how daunting a task/situation may seem. When I got to understand this, I stopped going to Warri (I’m sorry). Some people call it optimism, I call it the “possibility mentality,as long as you stay positive, anything is possible.”. Keep hope alive, work towards it, Its just a matter of time.

5. The power of prayer. So many times when I prayed in 2011, I didn’t get immediate answers, but do you know what I got? Peace. (na, not your househelp). It always gave me this assurance that there was hope, that I just had to look beyond the present.

Daughtry’s ‘crawling back to you’ is my song of the year. What’s yours?

For christmas, all I need are your 2cents, let’s know the significant things 2011 taught you. You might just lift someone’s spirit.


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38 thoughts on “Alariwo Lifematics: RETROSPECT

  1. adediju segun says:

    A good one

  2. @brusselsneo says:

    Amazing reflections you’ve shared here. Great fodder for thought. I must also say this is writing at its best– substantial, concise, stylish, and unique. More ink to your pen or, better put, more strength to your typing fingers and more constructive synapses to your brain. Best wishes and happy new year.

  3. Delz Dapper says:

    Nice article bruv, enjoyed the funny parts like Peace huz not my housegirl or my friend, but my neighbours housegirl, merry christmas bruv #teamalariwo

  4. bukola says:

    L♥√e ur music

  5. Didi says:

    You can also share what the year taught you 🙂

  6. lade says:

    Nice. I like it.

  7. Lowla Dee says:

    Truly inspiring! Kudos.

  8. Bookey says:

    When life gives u meat don’t make meat pie :d ask 4 chicken. Dis is a superb write up. Up alariwo

  9. Ayob Alariwo says:

    Ok this year…. Ermmmm ok… Dis year taught me a lot of stuffs

    —> Tot me to always follow ur heart n paSsion..(Alariwo and DaShawn)
    —> Tot me consistency is key in e.g @VicoTv
    —> Tot me relationships rock 😉
    —> Learnt a lot 4rm NakedConvo…
    —> Met a lot of great n interesting peeps.. @cecenostockings..@poeticnerve…@Coajlove …..@pikcha_perfect….@delzdapper
    —> Also formed a Great Team ( #TeamAlariwo.. I love u all :* #Nohomo 4 d boys :d )

  10. memi says:

    nice work, like the part about sitting on the floor I really hated doing dat.

  11. Francesc Fabregas says:

    Nice. Merry Christmas to you u too

  12. @poeticnerve says:

    The piece would have been a bit fair without your biography,most people that would read are outta school and probably would have served their nation,there’s nothing new and inspiring in the piece,more than a million already know what you are dishing out,your piece should give me a feeling of “thought I was the only one feeling this way”,its lifematics,even if you want to share your NYSC experience,share with us the sufferings of the people suffering there,or that which you feel the world has not seen or heard,that spark that makes me want 2 pack my bags and get my eyes walking before my body leaves.

    • Didi says:

      Noted. Thank you!

    • Tolu says:

      But guy, why you mad though??? Who hurt you??? You just sound like you’re venting!

    • Alex Amos says:

      I totally disagree wiv µ, Nerve… This piece depicts a rich mind that is in the process of growth… She shared practical experiences without trying to form “i know it all”. True some of us are beyond dat stage but this wasn’t about NYSC and has the name suggest, its about life besides u’ ll be surprise at wat µ can learn frm sum1 younger… Ask Jesus Christ who sed u have †☺ become like a child before u can grow… Its a lovely piece and comical too… Not the normal status quo of boring lectures dat probably re nt applicable. Besides if u feel u knw it all, life must b boring! #gbam

  13. @poeticnerve says:

    Not killing your morale,I jus want you 2 be able to arouse people’s emotions and feelings,make me sober,you can do better,next year is another year,would be looking foward 2 ur next piece,merry xmas.

  14. @pritigitlrock77 says:

    Deedee nice piece, n yh I think I knw d sport ur tlkn bou, lol…:p… n to @poeticnerve its ppl like u that make other ppl hide their talents, find sumwur else to keep ursef bizi k… go Deedee!!!

  15. adediction says:

    I tink ur exprience is such a lovely one and I will advice to wrtie a scprit/novel tag wilderness of man

  16. Seyitude says:

    I’m in luv wiv wat I jus read… Guess we ad similar xperiences dis year…. Nice! 😉

  17. ella says:

    Hmmm.I took d first one instead. Nice.

  18. atl_14 says:

    This is nice….& yeah, the pic wιℓℓ be used ƒσя xmas as dp. Merry Xmas †̥o u & everyone 🙂

  19. @rasheed_cmc says:

    Beautiful piece. Extremely lively.

  20. lola says:

    Awesome thumbs up.

  21. Mazi Stanley says:

    wen life gives u lemons, at least say thank u b4 handing them back.

  22. Super much inspiring…nice write-up

  23. @poeticnerve says:

    @alex,have never read any of your piece,but with your comment its obvious that your mind is shallow,I don’t know all,but am a better writer today cos am opened to constructive criticism,as a writer who knows his onions,I knw what’s good,u jus can’t feed me with trash,u r a charlatan,so the piece is wonderful,I want r 2 b better,and if that wld happen,I can’t rub her on the head and expect her to improve.

  24. @poeticnerve says:

    @tolu,am mad cos I expected more from the piece,I normally don’t read people’s work,4 me 2 read,am looking out 4 something special,I want 2 b inspired by ur piece when I read,and even if am not,I look out for your skills and technique

  25. @poeticnerve says:

    @pritigalrock,am not making peeps hide their talents,but I push writers with potentials to be better than they are

  26. tolzzzz says:

    Awesome,Awesome,Awesome…….everything we should learn and more. For me, its been a “Roller coaster” year and the biggest lesson has been “sometimes pple don’t necessarily let u down….you just have a huge lapse in judgement”. My favourite song this year is actually not from this year but it moves me “Gravity” by Sara bareilles.

  27. cheezy says:

    Ok so I dnt know hu ​U̶̲̥̅̊ are @poeticnerve but dat aint no constructive criticism comin 4rm ​U̶̲̥̅̊…@Didi wrote an integrity of da heart ň D̶̲̥̅̊ nysc part blends well*of which dat was hell mehn…doz drillins* so @poeticnerve find anoda way2 appreciate his piece other dan dat…..@alariwo…..grt I must say

  28. lase says:

    Nice piece..(Not ur househelp)…

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