Alariwo Lifematics:The Last Straw

“Happily ever after” doesn’t come easily.. There are many chapters but no guarantee. Many pages have to be turned before the tale is told.
Before the prince, you have to kiss..some other frogs.


You don’t know me but I think I could get to fall in love with you in the future.
Hope you’re the knight in shinning armour I heard about and your armour is real metal and isn’t just shiny.
I know a few things about myself now that I’m not sure will show when we meet..that’s because I’ve just been heartbroken.

Here they are:
1. I am a sucker for attractive boys
2. Not only the physical attraction, but they have to be really smart
3. Be able to command respect
4. I like the ones that show they care but pick on me slightly
5. I like funny people.
6. Show that you have prospect.
7. Respect me

Three out of seven wouldn’t be that bad.

Now these things might not be any qualities you have. But for me to fall in love with you means something else has attracted me to you.

I have been hurt six times and seeing as the number 7 is a number of perfection, I assume you hurting me would be the death of me. The hurt I feel now would require one more push for me to do something crazy.

It would damage my soul completely.

I am not perfect, I may not be over the top beautiful or the most intelligent.. My hair isn’t perfect, I don’t have an air brushed skin.
I don’t talk too much, I don’t nag but I’m quite arrogant in my own way. You will see this for yourself.

I have a problem. Once I get to know you, I may start to show my very caring side, please don’t take this for granted as the others have.
Don’t be them.
When I hurt, a little bit of me dies inside.
But SIX times? I’ve died already.

Now I have no idea if I want to love or just be loved but I don’t think both is an option anymore. Its either one or the other but the fact that you’re here, I think the latter is basically what I’m going for.

But dear love, always show me you care even when I’m cold towards you as I assume someday I would be and don’t tell me things you think I want to hear just because you want me for something, just tell me how you see it.

Seeing as I have loved and lost, I presume that I won’t show as much emotions as I did before, I think that is where the mistake was made.
I have learnt to control my emotions. I have put them all on a leash, so please don’t blame me if I don’t laugh at your jokes sometimes, or pamper you how I ought to.

Please forgive me when I start being stubborn or trying to prove I’m right even when its obvious I’m wrong.

I have been misused as a human being by many people, devalued. I have forgotten or lost my self worth to these men. I have even put all my pride aside to beg them because I could not bear losing them, yet I did. However, I blame myself, I’ve been stupid but I’m used to the hurt. Please don’t be the death of me..
I really don’t know how much more I can take.

I promise you, even if I show my love in a weird way most times, I will love and cherish you forever.

This is the shortest and the last straw I have given you. Please honey, use it wisely.

Yours sincerely.
The Bitter Woman.

 @pikcha_perfect ….Reporting 4 Alariwo

*Claimer: The Picture at the Bottom/ Directly on-top of this was Drawn by Me 🙂 *

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172 thoughts on “Alariwo Lifematics:The Last Straw

  1. George says:

    Good write up, deep and it sheds light on d thoughts of a bitter woman. Lol I’d like to meet her though

  2. prrof.H says:

    Nycccccc, I’m not quite sure howw many out of seven I caaan actually fulfill dou, anywayz, lovely right up and quite true *daats d one I know of shaaa oooo* and u don’t need to worry ill always tell U d truth, just as I see it! #GBAM#

  3. honeydewAmos says:

    Wat??? Six times? Dats lyk d final straw dat broke d camel’s back…. Trying a 7th tym is jst grave 😐

  4. toke says:

    Note: this is not a personal write up *side eye* it is imaginative. Thanks

  5. lola says:

    Beautiful story, deep but very realistic and sheds some light on d pains of a bitter woman.good job

  6. *breaks kolanut and opens palm wine*

  7. raphael ihua says:

    Wow dats touch,neva mind d hurt and disappointment bt jst knw dat it will get brighter some day!

  8. Alex Amos says:

    Aaaawww 😦 …({})

  9. zeelon says:

    Wow again! Dis is d 2nd time I’m actually readin dis n d very 1st tme I did,d 1st thing I said was wow!!! Still overwhelmes me dat much! I tink its brilliant…Very brilliant! Kudos! Can’t wait 2 read more 4rm dis exceptional writer! *winks*

  10. ATB says:

    Always told you u got talent. The piece can only be likened to sine wave in physics. Shows different emotional disposition of a woman. You call it bitter but I could adapt it for a happy woman too!

  11. dheey says:

    I totally relate to her

  12. @poeticnerve says:

    Enjoyed reading the piece,well paragraphed,felt the emotion in the piece,I like how the writer took the readers from the future to the present and through the past. Imagery was nice and nice simplicity in the use of words,even though I didn’t like your choice of words in some lines,good work but could be better. This is the first time am reading your work and you have made a lasting impression.

  13. LJ says:

    R U̶̲̥̅̊ 4 Real?

  14. 9ja_Whizkyd says:

    Errr! Madam…..lovely piece! I think i score a 6 outta 7 ….. 5 if u don’t think ‘m attractive….. Kinda deep (and real too) ….. With what i knw bout u n what i jst learnt bout u, u would do. Lemme be ur 7, u’l be my 21st #okbye

  15. ella says:

    Abeg! Dis bitter woman shud wake up!!6 tymes and she s still dormant waitin for the 7th, now that’s d kinda attitude that will keep her as a doormat for d rest of her life. The story is so close to why people spread hiv. Revenge is the next line of action. From the dude to his father to his grandfather*justsaying*

  16. Fola says:

    Awww baldie needs love…great post tho….

  17. Rapz says:

    She just can’t help falling in love, a real sucker. She believes in love but doesn’t want to get hurt
    She wants to be loved but doesn’t want to fall in luv
    She’s just as confused about love as the most of us are when faced with heartbreak and finding true love.

  18. wasam says:


  19. pweety D says:

    Wow, this write up is really nice but deep tho, i hope u find someone dat would ƪ♥√ع u 4 u and stay 4 a very long time. Very Creative indeed(the drawings)

  20. shadynerd says:


  21. lulu says:

    Sorry love, I av felt that way too.

  22. Lanre says:

    grabs apoti & sips torsheen 😀 *copied to clipboard*

  23. ife aribatise says:

    Deeeeeep, True…. Very good write-up…. I am the bitter woman right now…. But 6 times!!!!! My hrt is not even out dere anymore…. Very good

  24. pweety D says:

    i hope u find someone dat would ƪ♥√ع u 4 u and stay 4 a very long time. Very Creative indeed(the drawings)

  25. Obi says:

    Makes a lot of sense actually…nice piece of work

  26. Luchi says:

    That was amazing…. Ure more ‘alive’ than you think…

  27. Sheriff Abubakar says:

    Geovana, Yu Are So Amazing..I pray God Bless Yu And Make Yu A great Person.

  28. Erhabor says:

    Its really touching,heart felt and on point… alights various behavioural patterns dat should be tolerated from a bitter woman…thumbs up!!!

  29. olumide says:

    This is really bitter I mean I was eating chocolate while reading dis then all of a suDden GBAM!!bitterness set in.

  30. Nattayo says:

    Kk…I think its nice
    Quite funny too.

  31. phoenix says:

    Dis is deep nd so true……..hard buh dis is sumfin I cn say is similar to mine…lol… Well u av died more dan I av dou !!!

  32. Young J. says:

    Nice one Toké
    Who would ve tot u actually had Brains under all That Fake hair

  33. Eny says:

    Good,good.r u sure its imaginative toke ?bt nice doe(y)

  34. Fortune says:

    Niceeee….ok let me make ur heart break a perfect seven 😉

  35. oto says:

    really good toke…really guud and it most certainly reveals elements of truth!
    **I don’t nag but I’m quite arrogant in my own way**
    **Once I get to know you, I may start to show my very caring side**
    Have gotten to know you for some time now and after reading this, i’m like hey, ”giovanna” makes a lot’o sense now! nice work

  36. Umar BS says:

    Such a deep, straight from the heart, write up. It definitely expresses the feelings of a hurt woman, who still is in search of love and happiness, and is still willing to try. I like the depth of this write up. I just hope it isn’t about u. Or else *plucks cane* u have a lotta explaining to do. 😐

    • Ayob Alariwo says:

      Lmao!!! @Umar Bs..”expresses the feelings of a hurt woman, who still is in search of love and happiness, and is still willing to try” n u still want to beat if it is abt her…smh!! We men r just mean…loool

  37. Beautiful write-up.
    Really deep….

  38. Edwin says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww… So lovely a write-up, so emotional.. Rili touchin, dunnno hv many of ur 7 i hv doh,bt 6 times dwn dats real bad… Love dis much

  39. kofo @Imkofosleek says:

    Brilliant write-up tho” rily touching on the other hand…such is Life,Love is pain and life goes on”

  40. crownstory says:

    Nice one dear. Keep it up,. I ). ( I
    / I I. \
    /__’,_ ,’___\
    /( __ _)\ /(_ __ )\
    I ( __ _ )) ((__ __ )I
    I ( __ _) ) ( (_ __ _)I
    \(___ _)/ \(___ _) up!!

  41. jerrie... says:

    Good Job Detoke, the post in one word – Interesting

  42. Sodick says:

    Great drawing n write up.though,it was lovely n also pathetic…I’m impressed n rily intrigued.

  43. Aquari says:

    Not bad…I like the way you summarized alotta women’s life experience into this. (Y)

  44. icantcmasef says:

    Wow…*speechless*…really beautiful. Makes me appreciate my girl even more. Thanks…nice drawing by the way…:)

  45. Kidd says:

    Lol.. Hehe.. This is Funny tho.. Wait?! Really?! Six times?! Seriously -_-… *angry face* where d breakers at? Lemme at em!!! *waving fists in d air* hehe 😀 cool stuff toke (Y)

  46. wunmi says:

    Beautiful write-up!

  47. fehintolu says:

    That drawing is fantastic… Sad and touching but the only consolation is that this is imaginative… it is right?

  48. Kidd says:

    My favorite broken heart hehe 😀

  49. Ferdy_X says:

    Deep….really good post

  50. Touching,Very Deep.A tear sneaked out..,Copied to clipboard,would edit some things and email to this ghel ayaff been *toasting for 4 weeks.that should help shift her shakara write up,keep it up,

  51. @low_biscus says:

    Really really sweet in a bitter way. Nice!

  52. HackettDon says:


  53. sherlock says:

    U and these ur deep yarns sha!!! It was pretty awesome tho!

  54. Dexter-Sama says:

    First, I’ll say I like the writing style. The background of the write-up is an all-too-known story of the heartbroken feemale who, with fairytale expectations, went looking for love. The image at the bottom further exemplifies a psyche based on evanescent whimsicality expected to last forever, so it fits really well with the theme. You project the remnants of pain piled from her previous encounters, while still indicating that she still holds a shred of belief in the plausibility of her fantasy end; though experience has left her willing to compromise on the fine details. All in all, well done.

  55. femi says:

    Brilliant write-up..dere shld be a male version tho’

  56. Deejayflammzy says:

    Good stuff

  57. @Iamcalixx says:

    Nice !! ….. Awwwwww!! He won’t be the 7th to hurt you .

  58. Tosin Aka says:

    This shiii sad…don’t want that kinda woman….u’re always gonna b feeling guilty with this kinda woman…Dammit…nice piece tho..You’re talented

  59. Mustapha says:

    Woow dat was a very nice story up really touched my heart nice hun keep it up and nice diagram

  60. mz_teemah says:

    This is really deep….nyc article…:)cool stuff

  61. Reil Nigger says:

    This is greatttt!!!! Connects directly to the soul and one more thing, its SO REAL…….

  62. Mcfunny says:

    I like the drawing :D….

  63. Nimrodking says:


  64. piyose says:

    …… Wo_oW I don’t even know what to say! Its like I was watching a movie in my mind while reading this! Its really beautiful! Nyc toke!! 😉

  65. mini yong says:

    *tears pant*

  66. funkyashkoko says:

    Oh wow!!!!!!!! I love love love dis post! So explanatory, a piece dat can easily b related 2 by many. I really like it! Kudos girl! 😉

  67. Tess says:

    Nice one dear 🙂

  68. @sir_b3llo says:

    *munches roasted corn*… Nice write-up…hun. Choi! The bitterness of this story is greater than that of alomo…

  69. Phardiga says:

    The bitter woman……….. Who’ll make her happy again?
    *continues chewing bitter kola*

  70. Modupe says:

    Aww! Lovely writte up dear.. Well, as usual.. Love u much much

  71. popaholic20 says:

    Very nyc n deep write up, keep it ip

  72. Taofik says:

    Great write up, very deep, nice 1.

  73. 0nik says:

    lol…. *applause* nice piece…. even the Comments were something…..

  74. dayo says:

    Brilliant write-up,great drawing..Well done!

  75. Adigwu Nnamdi says:

    Quite intriguing and very realistic…. I’ll like to meet “The bitter woman”

  76. KIDO says:

    #Bless u …. Nice write Up

  77. big roti says:

    Six times!! The story of the woman that got caught in a series of unfortunate events. Many people can relate to this. It happens over and over again. The kind of bad dream u don’t want to have but cnt escape. My heart goes out to all bitter women out there.

  78. Mr_alBee says:

    This is deep Detoke. Love it.

  79. cece says:

    Awwww booski 😀 you’re best post yet 🙂 almost made me cry 😦

  80. Timeless says:

    Awwww Toke ((((hugs))). Want to tell you that you havnt been devalued one bit, dnt think that for one second. In this article you really connected to me as a reader and as a human being. Really good.

  81. missinsayne says:

    Toke, lovely, I can quite relate…. Beautiful piece. The drawing too. (Y)

  82. mayowa says:

    nice…great drawing too

  83. pappi says:

    Ds’s very deep…barbie u cn neva b used 2 being hurt….the pain only increases….very nice write-up me likey

  84. Clef says:

    Wow she is bitter, but meeting her won’t be a bad idea though 😉

  85. king says:

    *sad face* no comment! Nice piece tho (y)

  86. Damiloaded says:


    Nyc (Y)

  87. Teka says:

    WOW! I never knew u had such talent. WOW!! *Jaws open* WOW!
    Great write up, Toke.

  88. s_Hotzs says:

    Nice piece, a part of me says this aint fiction, so I will leave you with Lady Antebellum:

    “Ready To Love Again”

    Seems like I was walking in the wrong direction
    I barely recognize my own reflection, no
    Scared of love but scared of life alone

    Seems I’ve been playing on the safe side baby
    Building walls around my heart to save me, oh
    But it’s time for me to let it go

    Yeah, I’m ready to feel now
    No longer am I afraid of the fall down
    It must be time to move on now
    Without the fear of how it might end
    I guess I’m ready to love again

    Just when we think that love will never find you
    You runaway but still it’s right behind you, oh
    It’s just something that you can’t control

    Yeah, I’m ready to feel now
    No longer am I afraid of the fall down
    It must be time to move on now
    Without the fear of how it might end
    I guess I’m ready to love again

    So come and find me
    I’ll be waiting up for you
    I’ll be holding out for you tonight

    Yeah, I’m ready to feel now
    No longer am I afraid of the fall down

    It must be time to move on now
    Without the fear of how it might end
    I guess I’m ready, I’m ready to love again

  89. Micheal ( her campaign manager ) says:

    This is the most touching thing I ever read. I always knew from the first time we exchanged words you were hurt deep down. This is a beautiful write up, lucid enough and well arranged and to top it all it achieved its purpose. Now don’t you worry, love is a good thing and it’ll point you to the right direction someday. My advise u do not want your future boyfriend to suffer for ur ex’s mistake, let go of those pain and memories that you are hanging on to and don’t look at all your bad break ups as a failure but a lesson learnt.. Its okay not to be okay sometimes but don’t let it take over you.. So be bold, be strong, be courageous like the presidential candidate that you are.. 🙂

  90. SK says:

    Awwwww!!!!! Nice

  91. Olu Adaramoye says:

    This is one of the best pieces I’ve read. Natural, defining and witty-brilliant composure… Cheers!

  92. LuSea says:

    Something bout love. Sh*t hurts..but we cant just help not avoiding it. Aje oshi.

    Glad i read this. Thanks for bringing it my way.

  93. seye says:

    Beautiful piece, not surprising tho. This particular writer has a great record of wonderfully and intelligently written write-ups. I love hw it drags u into d sadness and pain that’s trying to be portrayed. kudos.

  94. Akeyo says:

    Hehehe…. I so love this, and i have all the 7 qualities o! 😉

  95. jowhiz says:

    WOW.!!!! This is very brilliant. Can’t say much buh u nailed it. Great write-up.!!!

  96. zeeno says:

    Good write up….kinda lyk xperienced samefine tew.

  97. awww this is touching…….. did you write dis urself????

  98. nathalia says:

    I love it! Just took the words right out of my heart! I love

  99. Tonye says:

    Unscripted and touching.. i love it Toke!.. The bitter woman would ALWAYS come out good!..

  100. john usiagwu says:

    Hunnie, sorry bout the other guys who av hurt Ʊ six times, @ dis tym, most other girls would think all guys r d same…..Ʊ’re brilliant,smart, courageous n highly reasonable….life has a way of thrown’ obstacles @ Ʊ..Ʊ’re really brave to av taking several hits n still get bak up, I wouldn’t say I rili know aw Ʊ feel but I think I av an idea. If I eva av d chance of meeting Ʊ n getting 2 know Ʊ, It’ll b an honor 4 ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥.Ʊ r beautiful, really Ʊ r, like I said b4 God was in a good mood wen he created Ʊ.any guy who has Ʊ is def. Luck, damn! Wat am I sayn’, if I had Ʊ, I’ll b d happiest guy in d world..Ʊ’re def a true women 2 ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ 4rm d perspective Ʊ’ve shown…I also think I’m a lot like Ʊ, av had my heart broken too cos of some similar reasons too. Bottom line is;My dear thumbs up 2 Ʊ 4 ur courage, don’t let smn like dis pull Ʊ down, Ʊ deserve d best…….John a.k.a. Eazzie 🙂 :*

  101. john usiagwu says:

    The bitter woman always will av d last laugh, love it toke…#nice1

  102. thatchicslim says:

    Very nice!

  103. _MavRick_ says:

    Very nice piece of writing. There’s so much of heart and life in your work – best portrays the ‘damsel in distress’ . A very good read.

  104. @weyreyboi says:

    Nyc write-up…..rily…buh I sense vunerability n a harshness sorta tho…

  105. Yishawu Aisha says:

    Wow! Such heartfelt shud be publishd in a book or something! I found it motivating and I expect more of this from you Toke….Now! I’m more than inspired to pimp my blog too! I haven’t been thr in a while. Good work hun! I love this!

  106. Isaac Bawa says:

    Didi u wrote this??? Am so proud of u!

  107. Asata Maida says:

    Great write up.And rily shows aw bitter she is even if she wants a new begining and cool drawing.

  108. Janus says:

    Not bad..some depth..’Misused’?
    And u’r nt a bad artist eitha..

  109. lato says:

    *in british accent* I say, jolly good my friend, well done!

  110. @irep_fresh_boys says:


  111. Steve says:

    Amazing….Sincere (Y)

  112. Sharon says:

    This reeks of emotion…. I think most girls would have, at one time or the other, felt this way, you put it perfectly into words… and no typos too ;)… well done…

  113. Noma says:

    Lovely Write Up.. I Like.. 🙂

  114. shimmer says:

    I like the emotion of the article. It might as well have been written by me, because almost all of it applies to me as well. I like your humour underneath the hurt.

  115. shimmer says:

    I like the emotion of the article. It might as well have been written by me, because almost all of it applies to me as well. I like your humour underneath the hurt. And I hope 7 turns out to be a really lucky number for you!

  116. beebee says:

    I Can actually rel8 to this… Deep. Take it easy ‘BiTter Woman’ all will be well… This Too Shall Pass.

  117. Tayo says:

    Hmmm!!!*sobbing* This is really nice. Every one whose heart has been broken in the past will truly relate to this…

  118. pade says:

    Nice write-up…

  119. joey naijaboi says:

    6/10 your tried

  120. Deep. Creative. Thought-eliciting. Nice one miss.

  121. remmy says:

    I fucking totally relate to this almost the same thing I’m about to blog about 😥

  122. Bruce Wayne says:

    A perfect pikcha… EPIC!!

  123. Taiwo ilori says:

    Maybe the kind of woman,every guy nneds is one that that thinks shes a fiery cat with nine lives,atleast guys will have eight tries before she becomes a bitter woman with the 9th guy (lol).Jokes apart , great writeup,i think am in love with the writer of this piece!!!

  124. Tarrell osigwe says:

    Deep wrds dt mkes d picture ur tryn 2 paint visible ,mi likeyyy 🙂

  125. jizie says:

    Cool stuff … Hehe

  126. Nice one there Toke…if vis ish really came from Ur heart,.wow,I don’t even know what 2 say..nd if it’s jst a write up from Ur mind,..vat’s really creative,.bt it actually feels like it’s from d heart ….nice one dow

  127. Kaycee Kosara Chidi says:

    Well, toke, If this is a true story, and uve been hurt six times, I feel ure just comin to the world. 6 is for starters. I think I possess ur 7 qualities, and my armor sef is made of titanium and is plated with platnum… And polished @ that… Well constructed doe. Written like a true story. Ehen. Andl u successfully took 5mins of my precious time *angryface*

  128. Kenneth says:

    The 7th guy better be the prince oh, or else I will beat him up till he looks like a real frog (swollen eyes).

    Yours Sincerely,
    The Protective Elder brother. ;D

    this is a really emotional write-up. kudos dear. (hugs)

  129. bobby says:

    Splendid!!!! I’m amazed!!! Nice!

  130. @k6rocks says:

    Wow!!!…what a write-up!!….this is a personal favourite! I also think the writer could be a very good artist,the drawing was quite cool. Alariwo for Life!!!!

  131. chima Umego says:

    Rily nyc1

  132. Tayo says:

    Deep, great post!!

  133. The Grim Reaper says:

    I have read many brilliant posts here, but I must say, this isn’t one of them. It was not even worth a second read. I will, however, applaud your effort. This is your first ever post, so I expect better work on the next one(s). On a scale of one to ten, I’d give it a two.

    • Ayob Alariwo says:

      Wow!! Ok dis is a 1st… Ow ever Thnks… We wud look into it… Bet I seriously think dis is a gud writeup sha… How ever we are all given to right to our opinions so we wud listen to urs n we sha work on it 🙂

    • toke says:

      Haha x_x I would LOVE to know the fault in my write up.. Thanks 4 ur vague criticism anyway, I’ll work on it.

      Little wonder why u’re the “grim reaper”

      • The Grim Reaper says:

        The fault – or rather my fault with it – was that your attempt to paint the perfect ‘pikcha’ of the bitter woman’s emotions (pain, hurt, sorrow) was a weak one. I felt nothing for her.

      • toke says:

        Lol.. Well.. Thanks, critic..jus shows how in touch with your emotions. (: well ur opinion outta more than 100 counts less still. Bt thanks, will work on it

  134. slim_charles22 says:

    Wow! Very touching, deep, Natural, beautifil piece!… carries Ʊ along… Makes Ʊ feel d Pain of the writer. Keep it UP.

  135. funmi says:

    A half stoned heart..nyz. Beautiful write up. I can only imagine….lol

  136. sleem says:

    Wo_oW!! Amazing Article by Gio. I knew you had this in u. Expecting more from u dear.

  137. iyce says:

    Ŋȋ̝̊c̲̅e̶̲̅ piece…learned a few things from this already! Good!

  138. marvel says:

    Nice piece,many times in life we all do things we often regret,the very best we can do is to learn from them.

  139. The Bitter Man says:

    This write up made me throw up

  140. The Bitter Man says:

    Do you remember when you said
    Everything would work out in the end
    Now the end is here and I guess it did
    Just not the way I wanted it to
    Every time I seek out satisfaction
    I always leave empty handed
    Carelessly throwing my heart
    Not once caring about where it landed
    Now I’m left with minimal room
    To let anyone else in
    But there aren’t many risks left to take
    After where my heart has been
    You feed me words just so I can mend
    Only to tear me down again
    Pleasure goes unnoticed
    Until we have a good sense of pain
    Can you still feel the grace of those nights?
    When our hearts would soar into flight
    When everything wrong became just right
    When all our skies were blue
    I still see compassion in your sight
    And still I marvel in your light
    But I know all roads with you end in plight
    It’s so hard to swallow the truth
    As I’m left a bitter man…

  141. Love brings euphoria in life. Love can give great satisfaction and enjoyment yu know-buh for that to happen, you have to understand more about what is love, your own expectations and how to get the partner with whom you can live in love- Love can also destroy 😦
    Whether yu cahange your attitude (to bein stubborn, rude etc)or not, it doesn’t change tha fact that you won’t see another ass niccah..well I aint praying soo.
    For me – imma good pretender, whichever way a gurl want it_i do fit in. I’m sure they r strongHeaded men like me out there too… No matter ur attitude they’ll keep pretendin they love yu.
    Yu can’t say yu wunt love again thatz one thing I know, noOne is perfect — get married to urself.
    Show the nxt guy yu don’t give a fuck abt him even if yu do care in ur hrt.. Jus to know weda he can wait forEver or his jus a passerBy
    “I promise you, even if I show my love in a weird way most times, I will love and cherish you forever.”. Good thing my dear

  142. Odus says:

    Ǥõõϑ writeup, deep and touching. Nice compose and Ǥõõϑ choose of words.

  143. chuchu3000 says:

    lmao…nice story ma’am…try changing some bad habits you have before getting into another relationship.the problem might be yours,you never know….take care of you and dont do anything stupid when its over with no7…lol

  144. mz chelsea says:

    Nice,emotions rily deep!!!!kip it up!

  145. TUSHE says:

    *screams* LEMME BE YOUR NO 7….err…all i can say is I’m bad like that *removes hat and takes a bow* nyc write up tho…

  146. LEO @dat_edo_boy says:

    Good write up swear down!I feel for her tho she still wants to love and be loved!!IF you read it with an open heart its like she is talking to you!!anyways..I pray she finds the one to Love her and Let he be LOVE!!

  147. xtereo says:

    Great write up.. The beginginq I was lyk loool.. But as I read on. It was kinda sad.. Really I can’t quite describe it tho… But I wana meet the bitter-woman… She hasn’t done anythinq wrong ^_^.. She just has d bad luck of meeinq the wrong ppl..

  148. Verbz says:

    I like….very imaginative. I really can’t say I knw how she feels (coz 1stly ama guy) buh besides that…..couldn’t imagine loving so deeply SIX times u know? Buh for real,its a good write up.

  149. oluwaseun says:

    Wow lovely words….let me make it up to u…I promise to wipe ur tears amd be there wif u in perilious times.

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