Alariwo Story: Future

ok so Today’s Writer * Dusts the site for him*, he has been on educational leave 🙂 *Yeah sends it’s writers abroad to study..All expense paid trip n yeah I also got a chopper in my car” ok.. That’s enough talking do enjoy his’s from your boy @goldenmoses

I believe in God and his host of angels, I believe in religion and everything it stands for,I believe in love, it’s fairness and the right for everybody to possess it.

I’ve lived for more than two decades and in these years I’ve come to the conclusion that God has my best interest at heart and he expresses it through the instrumentation of his angel. I do not doubt the ability of these angels to protect, but from time to time it wouldn’t hurt knowing the way certain events would turn out even before they start.

In other words, I wouldn’t mind seeing the future.

I’ve lived through various situations, in which I would’ve loved my fantasy to come into play; but then none of those situations could be matched with these.

The second time I saw her was the first I kissed her and being the opportunist I was; I didn’t stop there; I tried my luck in other endeavours and let’s just say I came out successful in everything expect actually having sex with her.

It happened two more times after the first; but it was the same routine; her body language changed anytime my member proceeded towards hers; and since I wasn’t one to rape and beg; I just enjoyed the little I had and appreciated her for being that generous.

I talked to her after the third time though; I asked why she was holding out on me and she told me she wasn’t ready for me yet and I should respect her decision; and that I did diligently.

I was still busy respecting her decision when her message came in ; the message that read ‘Bee I’m ready for you now’.

At first I thought she was just trying to put my manhood in a compromising position so, for the sake of peace and safety in that region; I didn’t bother finding out if she was for real; I just replied ‘LoL’ and I let the sleeping penis lie.

But then she wasn’t..

Two hours later she called and the first and only set of words that came out from my end of the phone were

‘Bee I’m seriously horny and if you don’t come to my apartment right now I’ll call another dude and f**k his brains out’.

Those words did more than challenge me; they sent all the blood in my brain to my penis.

I grabbed the car key and in 4 seconds I’d covered two flights of stairs. It wasn’t until I got to the landing I realised it was 1 hour past the curfew I had agreed with the elder.

I picked up my phone immediately and begged her to keep her konji till the next morning; at first she refused; but then not many women can say no to a full grown man crying like a 5 year old.

The night could not have been any longer;but morning finally came and when it did; I was one of the first visitors the roadway received.

Like she was reading my mind; she welcomed me with a wet kiss immediately she saw me in her doorway.

We carried the party to every part of room; toilet; shoe rack; wardrobe; and some places I’m not proud to mention. After some time though we ended up on her bed and then I figured it was time to move on so I brought out the condom.

The combination of her smile and the finger she placed at the tip of her mouth, sent all the wrong messages to my medulla.

I smiled back acknowledging her approval as I started dressing my manhood with the latex material.

While I was doing so; she stood up and excused herself; she proceeded into the toilet and in few minutes she was out fully dressed with a smile; one different from the earlier smile; one that almost killed my erection.

Few seconds later she spoke; I really can’t remember the exact words, but I know they completed the work her smile failed to finish; they killed my erection.

I’d heard about mixed feelings; I never just imagined a man would want to cry so much he’ll burst into laughter.

She probably thought I was running mad but then I didn’t get whether she was trying to console or spite me; but she started uttering phrases like;

‘it was just flirting that got out of hand; and she also said something about how much she loved her boyfriend too much and she didn’t want to cheat on him; blah blah’

I guess she noticed with the increase in the pitch of the laughter that her crisis management tactic wasn’t working so she stopped prematurely.

With time I stopped laughing and stood up to get dressed but then I saw the way my member had shrunk in the ‘glow in the dark condom’ and I couldn’t help laughing a little louder. it was really a sight to behold.

I recovered with time though and left her house; with time I was on the road and I was in deep thoughts; thoughts like; ‘Only if I knew’ that flirting to girls of this generation meant waiting until the guy wore the condom; I wouldn’t have wasted money for fuel; or even the condom not to talk of the emotional damage’.

Till tomorrow I wouldn’t still understand the philosophy behind allowing a guy to violate you in every other way possible then stopping him when he’s about to penetrate; your reason being that you want to be faithful to your boyfriend.

But then as they say one man’s fufu is another man’s akpu. People would always be people; they wouldn’t change because one horny boy wants to get some action.

My friends introduced me to them at a very tender age of 13 and from then till the day I write about now; I was hooked.

I’d gone there that day like I usually did ; but unusually my customer was busy and due to the urgency of the delivery I couldn’t wait for her to finish; so I had to lie with another.

I wouldn’t have thought of it myself but immediately we started; she changed position from the usual missionary to the cow girl style.

With time we were finished and she called her price; but there was a problem; what she called was slightly higher than the normal amount. It was then that all hell broke loose.

Maybe if like every decent establishment they had pasted a price list; I would’ve known that having sex with the girl on top of you was more expensive than you been on top of her.

I’ve never been one to solicit trouble; and the event wasn’t going to change that part of me; but the fact that I always went out of my house with the exact amount of cash I needed didn’t work for me that day.

I tried my possible best to explain as she locked my shirt to my throat but she wasn’t ready to listen. She was busy molesting me with the cover up of checking my pocket for money; and of course she didn’t see any.

I’d heard tales and for a moment there I thought they were going to gather and beat me up or probably lock me in to pay for my debts; by washing a few toilets or plenty dirty under wears; but they were not interested in that, they just wanted to humiliate a regular customer they thought had over stayed his welcome.

She dragged me out of the face me I face you apartment, tearing my shirt in the process while screaming different names, most of which I was hearing for the first time.

She made sure she got the attention of the whole street; both the residents and passers-by, most of which I knew; as she screamed and chanted even louder. Many people were there to witness the public disgrace; the older ones shook their head in dismay; while the younger ones just laughed their brains off.

Some just stayed a few while others waited until I was released with series of slaps.

It wasn’t a secret that I frequented the place; but then the roar of laughter that accompanied my release didn’t make the walk of shame easier.

A series of thoughts crossed my shallow mind as I waited at the nearest junction to get the next available bike; but one I couldn’t help but hold on to was ‘Only if I knew’

Maybe I would’ve taken some extra cash or would’ve at least waited for my customer. But I guess nature just wanted to be funny that evening and fortunately and unfortunately, I was the unlucky one.

Needless to mention the name but the university I attend is more of a secondary school. It was Easter that year and as a reminder that they still had all the power over us; they decided not to allow us go home for the Easter break.

All hell broke loose that day but they held their ground; students freaked out; parents got mad; and after sometime members of staff started receiving slaps.

Ad mist all that the school’s order stood, although it was not as frightening as when they first made it; so students trooped out; some with the help of their folks; others like me just went out of impulse; It was her introduction; my sister that is; and I wasn’t going to miss it for anything.

She was leaving from lag to our family house with her fiancé for the ceremony and as earlier planned before the school went haywire;I was meant to travel home with her.
I could hear the mixture of happiness and shock in her voice when I told her the plans had changed; that I was coming home.

She was skeptical and asked couple of times whether the stunt I pulled was legal; but I lied to her; I told some cock and bull story and from the look of things she didn’t have any choice than to believe me.

The journey was long; longer than expected; a 4 hours journey took 9; I thought maybe GOD was trying to tell something but then I discarded.

It wasn’t until I finally got home before I realised he was. I received the message from my friend that the management was angry, their members of staff had been molested and they were not going to let that go without a shout.

They were going hard on the dudes that left school illegally.

I was scared; I couldn’t even hide it; everyone noticed and they each asked what was wrong but I just told them it was school stress; I lied again; this time to the whole family.

It was the day of the introduction and I was still not looking alive; I mean how would I; when the letter that was waiting for me in school wasn’t cracking jokes.

We were the closest in the family; she knew me too much to know I was lying about the school stress stuff and she wanted to know the truth but still I lied; it was few hours to her big moment and I wanted her to enjoy every bit of it.

I told her after though; and she freaked out appropriately; but as usual she understood and she altered her plans for me.

She cut her stay short with the family so that I could rush back to school.

We got to lagos late that day and since we couldn’t get into to my school, I passed the night at hers.

She tried her possible best to make me smile till she slept that night; but my mind had wandered far.

Morning came quickly and we set out as early as possible; we got to my school and we said our goodbyes; little did I know that it was the last goodbye I was going to say to her.

Having an idea of the news my mum was about to break when she asked me ad mist tears whether I believed in God, the only thing on mind was ‘Only if I knew’.

Even if I couldn’t have done anything to stop her demise; I wouldn’t have denied my family that extra day they were meant to spend with her and most importantly instead of worrying so much about my matriculation number, I would’ve treasured what was my last moment with her.

But then I was ignorant; the exact way nature wanted it to play.

It’s probably not a lie that I’m not alone in this fantasy of mine; most mortal men have taken time to think of it severally.

How would that relationship have turned out if you knew some certain information before time; or was it even worth going into the first place?

And for the p setters;I’m sure you’ll probably not mind seeing before time the ones that would bang doe.

And sadly enough for the ones that have lost loved ones unexpectedly; maybe; if you knew before time, you would’ve maximised the time you had with them before they passed.

But then these are just fantasies;

I’m a partially bald 20 years old dude with an attitude problem. Problem which I also combine with a lot of confusion, fear and doubt; In summary I wouldn’t want to date myself.

But then despite all the flaws; there are two people that think I’m worth dating; one of them I’d given a chance which she messed up; the other had not had any chance but then her reputation precedes her.

I walk to my classroom with a serious decision to make as I think and wish deeply that even for a split second; my fantasy would come to pass so I could see which one would be good for me on a long run.

But then a wise man once asked what life would be like if we could see the future. So many answers followed the said question ; some wise; some dull.

My answer on the other hand was that life would be thrill less; but then that was just my opinion; what’s yours?

It’s still your boy @goldenmoses.. sorry for the long break; stay tuned the madness continues. Also don’t forget to follow @alariwowriter

33 thoughts on “Alariwo Story: Future

  1. toyoursee says:

    Really nice write up though I’m sure my imagination has not quite done justice to the prostitute and olamide’s part…lol…epic…but I agree with U̶̲̥̅̊ on dis one though…knowing the outcome of something even before U̶̲̥̅̊ do it takes out the thrill and challenge presented by the unknown…sure,there would be times U̶̲̥̅̊ ll wish U̶̲̥̅̊ cld Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ͡ the future and not waste yr time,make every minute count but then not knowing cld also be a good thing 🙂

  2. Rhemy Makay says:

    Dis is lik d 1st time am comentin on any of dese…buh cudnt help it jus ad to say sumin on dis 1 ….dis is WAOH!!! I love it, I can kip reading it ova n ova… stopd incoming calls to finish it….nyc1!!!

  3. @Moe_phe says:

    Very nyc write ups….truly life wud b thrill less…m

  4. terdoh says:

    This is the one of the best posts I’ve read on this blog. You were almost losing me. You have me back completely.

    Good one Moses.

    Though, that prostitiute part…how did you get home with your head still sitting on your shoulders?

    Was the sex even remotely worth it?

    Why am I asking dumb questions?

    Oh well…lovely write up. Thank you.

  5. Egbuna says:

    very cool and funny

  6. This is a very interesting write up, bound to get anyone thinking. Well I agree with the writter, knowing the future takes the fun outta living, live everyday with expectation, but never expect too much cos u never know what’s gonna happen. ♥ this piece (‾ ⌣ ‾)♉

  7. Alex Amos says:

    “If only we die before we can live
    Then we will have a fore knowledge
    Of what our lives should be…
    Life is a misery death reveals”

  8. femme says:

    Good work moses…..who woulda thought; dude dat stays molesting innocent words in d name of Word play cld be so insightful? (I joke). Yesss, we need not know,where is d fun in that? .
    Oh yes! I ve a solution for your receeding hairline.

  9. Ola [@Laolord07] says:

    This is really a lovely write-up.So exciting to read.Thumbs Up

  10. Wow… What an experience.. Written well dude.. @AlweadyCrazy

  11. Kemmiiii says:

    First Alariwo post I really enjoyed. Nize (y)

  12. joan says:

    Nice write up

  13. yoma dave says:

    the part about the prostitutes

  14. fresh says:

    mad .. sunday .. u r lettin out some of our secrets .. stp it oh ..

  15. fresh says:

    good 😐

  16. Ijogz K says:

    Kai Sad and interesting story.. Am reli sorry bout wot happened to ur Sis

  17. Mazi Stanley says:

    very nice! Very nice indeed

  18. Mr Surname says:

    best thing i’ve read in a while, the “seun” story hits very close to home cus i lost a very close friend a few years ago and i still don’t think i’ll get past it, great post sir…

  19. Bookey says:

    Oh my! i L♥√ع this write-up, its a really gud 1. I L♥√ع d way u blended ur stories. D emotional part; sorry about ur sis seun if its true tho & hilarious part; Hahahaha @ u… d prostitute n Lamide story. Well well well, I believe if we could see d future, dere won’t b a need 4 God.

  20. goldenmoses says:

    To all that read, commented, BC’d, tweeted..the whole alariwo team really appreciates out for more exciting write ups from this spot and don’t forget; Alariwo loves you 😀

  21. rasheed says:

    Well done bro. Nice piece!! Funny but artistic and real. Thumbs up brother..

  22. @k6rocks says:

    I L♥√ع this write-up!! Good one @goldenmoses, #TeamAlariwo for life!

  23. shakara says:

    #Sexual .Lol

  24. maekuchi says:

    Deep yarns bro. But true tho. If we knw what was coming, what would we be living life for. It would kill our expectation n hope.

  25. Shantel says:

    Olamide hahahahahahahahaha….nice stories,actually reading dis in church tho….

  26. Creative is an understatement! Chop knuckle bra. Nicely done. *spoiling belle* its *amidst tho not ad mist, but I’m sure you knew that. Bless.

  27. @oluwatosinogun says:

    Nice one.

  28. ayor says:

    *clapping* extremely nyc..cnt believe am jes seeing dis…got my emotions erupting..proud of u

  29. cartier says:

    Nice writeup bro! Keep it up! As for last moments, I was trying to get her to give me a purse before a hurried thank u for d cash n a much hurried “goodbye, I’ll see u August”. We sure can’t see d future.

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