Ariwo: BBM Convo 1: Vals

So Today’s post is another creative post from the “Ariwo category ”  Do enjoy 

VALENTINE’s Special By @Didi_dexsis and @Pikcha_perfect


Vals Day ❤

SomeWhere Else

Who Is Fooling Who ?

Jenifer broke up with segun, she clearly didn’t love him. (Smh… She reminds me of those sisters in church who spend their good years chasing after Mr. Perfect then spend their later days in church believing God and quick to greet every potential husband).   Tami on the other, was really mad at Tony cos of the lost time… Apparently, Feb 14 only comes once in a year. And no gift will make up for that, though Tony promises to make up for that, that will be till next year, and since she actually loves him, they might even be married by then.   Moral of the story, true happiness cannot be quantified. Don’t lose what you have, cos of what your materialistic wants (and that’s for both sexes)

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58 thoughts on “Ariwo: BBM Convo 1: Vals

  1. Hilarious…….guys always have a plan no matter what

  2. Codi says:

    Never seen a story done like this b4 blady ingenious

  3. terdoh says:


    “It’s 5pm! Where are you!!”

    Nansense. No be only Oriental.

  4. toyoursee says:

    lmao…can’t stop laughing…really hilarious!!

  5. LMFAO this is epic! ♥ this 😀 … ( ._.) Lord save us from “blackburry” babes. Amen o:)

  6. uche says:

    Gawd!! Babes done suffer o!! taking this valentine thing too serious mehn..come to think of it,it works both ways I.e exchange of gifts??
    Hilarious tho, remember gettin a bf a couple of days b4 valentine all in d name of vals day. Neways jus for kicks;).still laughing,this is a killer combo

  7. @gaskinachi says:

    Nice piece guys…

  8. msmadhatress says:

    haan…the guys were stupid sef why would u say i would do it when u wont..nd d girls i cant even start..moral good (y)

  9. beebee says:

    I totally love what d guys did. The Gurl that loves the guy will get smthng priceless, her hubby and even a porsche if she wants(as per wife). The other one, oversabi and awoof will destroy her. I know gurls like that… They’ll be 4ming ‘God Mother(s)’ wen their mates are busy giving birth… LMAO.

  10. Lowla Dee says:

    I totally am in love with the concept relay of this post. Nice and creative! And interesting too.

  11. Maekuchi says:

    I could’nt have written better words 🙂

  12. LexyBlak says:

    Nice piece….

  13. honeydewAmos says:


  14. airleene says:

    buhahahahaha!!!!! guyzzzzzz!!!!

  15. Adeshina Adewumi John says:

    Nyc one peeps..I really love all your write up!

  16. lucy says:

    LOL! This is hilarious. Hahahaha! The guys had to run for their dear pockets. Lol! Nice story. Very funny.

  17. @boss_on_heels says:

    Buhahahahaha……gehls haf suffer finish!! Not all girls r like dat tho, to some its d tot dat counts #justSaying

  18. @CaptainBlaise says:

    Haha! This is really very funny.. Jus can’t stop laughing. Good one guys! (y)

  19. Prince Meyson says:

    Hmmm..Nice write up, Great concept too…must applaud dat & d moral of d story is great. I hope we all learn frm this. Kip it goin @Didi_dexsis and @Pikcha_perfect .

  20. Phemmy says:

    Hahahha!.. Dis Is Crazy! ITS 5PM!

  21. deetyson says:

    nice, nice article, the segun guy fuck up sha.. i will still answer her by her porshe, den send boys to collect am next day … i gain ‘hittin it’ , she gain ‘porsche’ .. everybody is happy

  22. micheal says:

    Most hilarious shitt I had read. Thank God I dodged that bullet mehn. LMAO

  23. micheal says:

    Most hilarious shitt I have read. Thank God I dodged that bullet mehn. LMAO

  24. Phardiga says:

    Lol. Segzy baba!

  25. richie says:

    Haha!…Nice. Y does it alwz av 2 b abt d money on Vals Day *kanye Shrug*

  26. GP stephen says:

    NICE! I like 🙂

  27. phoenix says:

    Cool story ……..No rily dis is so true abt pips ryt nauw…… I hope dey learn frm dis dou ……big ups detoke *kisses*

  28. MBK says:

    QuitE a tale. Nice one!

  29. ipublicizenaija says:

    Lool! There are better ways to escape than switching off phones tho, especially for the chicken head that wanted  porsche.

  30. toby says:

    Segun my guyyyy! ^_^
    I guess he figured paying blackberry porshe for sex is pretty steep init?

    Those 2 girls are hungry hoes -___-

    Those boys?? >>>>> #Dopeness (Y)

  31. chicharito says:

    Woohooo!!! Ok now I get!! Nice piece gurl…porshe kor,punch ni…lol

  32. Damiloaded says:

    Jennifer is n Assasin hehehe……

  33. S.J. says:

    LooooL.. Cool concept, cool story.. Mean gel, sharp guyz (y).. Sowi 4 Tami tho

  34. dele lash says:

    Such a luvly story u got der…and I was also thinkin, wor a guy who ad bin admiring a girl for such a long time tellin her how much he he ad luved to be wif ha..bur she kept actin up for good 3yrs..claimin dav got distance btw dem…and the guy finally gav the feelins up..bur not quite long he sent her pin to a well known artiste in the same country wher he stays who happens to b his good friend….and later on the well knwn artiste ad to giv him a gist dat the girl as fallen for him which he laffed @ dat its not possible..and the well knwn artiste showed him his bbm messages where the babe sent a lot of love messages to the well knwn artiste sayin “hey hun,I realy miss,can’t wait to come to nigeria to come see ur face one on one…”How abt the guy who spent 2and half yrs tellin her she ad really luv to be wif her and all she could say is der is distance btw dem…all women ar the same…. Ladies deserves wor my guys in ur story did….

    • Hey.. Well I could chip in n say she’s stupid bt that doesn’t open up the space to say all women are the same. Some love the simple life and some want money. Bt do u think she was postin u cos she doesn’t want to say no or cos she doesn’t like u?

      • dele lash says:

        Lyk?lol…its not abt lyk here..its abt the goodies of life she’s craving for…life is simple..she can’t like wen u not even into it already..wen u open up,dats wen u tend to see the better part of dat is now all abt luxuries..tell me why ladies spend der whole time takin pics of dem and changin it on der DPs..or chiilin in ther best friends ride and snapin wif wor its nt even deirs…its sometin expensive dey want..guys luv wen dey not really tidy…bur wen the money rolls in..we F* dem…dats the nature new earth demands….

  35. michael says:

    This is deep yo. Well done toks 🙂

  36. lummy says:

    Just awesome…still LMAO…gon broadcast to everyone I knw…gr8 talent,more power to you…

  37. Sheriff Abubakar says:

    Detoke,, This Is Really Dope,, I’m In LOVE With This Piece.. Like I’ve Never Read A Story Like This Before……. To Girls, Lessons LearnT And To US(boys), Keep It Clean…. LMFAO!!!

  38. Leke-Jigga says:

    Interesting but not uncommon!
    Everyday scopes…..reactions brought on by requests n actions of incredibly gluttons (girls)!
    I wonder when just spending the day together became so insignificant; my 1st real val’s day was special: spent the whole day together, shared lunch, i got her a manicure set and she got me a set of cufflinks
    Val’s day…..shouldn’t β extravagant enough to β unreal……. =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=))

    • Leke-Jigga says:

      Interesting but not uncommon!
      Everyday scopes…..reactions brought on by requests n actions of the incredibly gluttonuous (girls)!
      I wonder when just spending the day together became so insignificant; my 1st real val’s day was special: spent the whole day together, shared lunch, i got her a manicure set and she got me a set of cufflinks
      Val’s day…..shouldn’t β extravagant enough to β unreal……. =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎ =))

  39. mazeedah says:

    Its ‎​so funny

  40. oto says:

    Very creative! Nice one toke!!!…finally someone’s taking our side! Its crazy how a chic’l try to ruin a guy all in the name of VALENTINE!!!

  41. MCskill ThaPreacha says:

    One Word—DOPE! And yeah I’m still LMFAO! Keep doing it!

  42. dibie arabella says:

    Its such a touchn story,1 shud jst pray nt to marry d wrong partner.nd we shudnt put material tins sowi for dat gurl.lmao

  43. pweety D says:

    Lmao, choi!!! But d babe dat wanted d bb porsche is too materialistic apparently she wsnt in ƪ♥√ع wit d guy in d first place. ƪ♥√ع should come b4 riches, looks and so on. Thank u Ariwo 4 ds post. Have a fab week

  44. Reil Nigger says:

    Cool write up. #OnPoint

  45. Reil Nigger says:

    Lol. Very cool. #OnPoint

  46. shante001 says:

    Laugh won kill me die, can u imagine dose boyzzz, 4 dier mind na dem smart, nd d babes hmmmm smh

  47. dayo says:

    Nice 1 toke

  48. Hehe……I guess vis post waz directed 2 d ladies

  49. thatifygirl says:

    Haha! Porschelololol…

  50. @k6rocks says:

    Another awesome piece from @Didi_dexsis and @Pikcha_perfect……this write-up dey burst my head!!!!..Alariwo For Life 😀

  51. Sammi says:

    This is fresh and funny, I like the whole munched screen approach, good job

  52. john usiagwu says:

    *thumbs up*

  53. chika says:

    …..girls will always be girls and guys,same old same old…….R d guys gainly employed? On advicement;Jenifer must look out for subsidy guys….

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