Alariwo Writer’s Duet Special : Convicted

So it’s week TWO of our writers duet… last week was @Goldenmoses (Alariwo writer)  and @Toyourseeojo (Guest writer)…

So This week’s Duet is going to be @pikcha_perfect(Alariwo Writer) and @Sandie_Pandie (Guest Writer; Her blog—> ) and they jointly wrote a single post for us all to enjoy… so seat down, relax and enjoy 🙂 


What do you mean under arrest?” I yelled back
“Please put your hands behind your back” The officer said calmly, like he did not hear what I just said. I felt the tears roll down… I could not believe how mute I suddenly became.

I met Kevin 3 years ago at Debenhams somewhere on Oxford street… Debenhams? I could not possibly imagine what a man would be doing here. Scouting for ladies? Or was he getting his wife something nice? No.. He looked too young to be married but old enough… Enough to be older than me. I prayed in my heart he was single or that he would walk up to me. He looked too charming not  to be a part of my life!  Whatever had to happen, eventually happened. We exchanged numbers, stayed up late chatting, visiting… It was… Was all I ever wanted in any relationship, any man at all.

Kevin was my everything… I inhaled him in every breath. He knew everything about me. What I drank, or ate, or wore to sleep… I could barely do without him. You know what they say about those bad drugs? When you start you don’t stop? That was me… That was us! You can imagine how heartbroken I was to realize I was living in a lie. It hurt me to find out he was in another relationship. How was that even possible? I imagine if Lisa had not pointed out the holes in Kevin’s life, would I have been inquisitive? Would I have known so much? Kevin… Why did you give me a reason to doubt?

I still cannot fathom how I spent three years of my life with a man I barely even know… Or rather, knew. I am not so certain if I even knew his real name. I was hoping he would propose to me this summer… He told me he loved the aura then. Apparently, the best things in our relationships always happened in summer. Remember when he bought me those adorable cats? The other time we spent a week in Nigeria! Oh! And I won’t forget when we had me take a break at work so we could have a vacation in Hawaii. Kevin how could you? The other girl in question is nothing compared to me at all and that is what is even most annoying! How did he ever have to compare us? I mean… I saw her Facebook pictures and she’s way skinny… I thought Kevin said he didn’t like skinny girls.

I miss that you are not here Kevin… But I would never have agreed to be your Number 2.. Never!

“We will be needing your statement” The cop said to me, dropping a paper and a pen.


The deceased is my boyfriend. He left my house 4 days ago and said he would be back for 7:30pm. When I didn’t hear from him at 8pm, I called his phone and it kept ringing. I didn’t call 999 immediately because I was still mad that he has been lying to me. He already lied to me about every other thing and I could tell that wherever he was, he was fine. On the 25th of April 2007, I was arrested from my home by three police officers. On the said day of murder, I was home and the neighbors can confirm this. The material evidences brought against me, that were said to have been found in my possession, I find shocking and ridiculous! I did not do it.

SIGNED: Merlin Cole.



“Can you spell the word ‘Arrested’?! Are you people crazy? I said I was out-of-town, I just got back last night?”… “Sorry what? Nobody saw me, I..I’m telling you”… “Oh my God! Kevin?? He’s my ex-boyfriend, he’s dead? NO! NO! I SPOKE TO HIM 4 DAYS AGO! IT CAN’T BE, you have the wrong girl”

The cops looked at me as I shouted “I know my rights!! I’m innocent! I want my lawyer!!”

Kevin and I were  together for 4 years and some months now, we met at a fashion show under gleaming lights and the flashing cameras of the press.
He looked extraordinary, I noticed his killer smile, I smiled back shyly.
I was modelling for Von Del Cartier’s new brand and Kevin was having fun with friends. I was supposed to put on a straight face when walking down the runway but he kept staring at me and smiling, making it impossible for me.

“Hello gorgeous” was whispered into my ear softly, his voice was angelic. I was in my changing room. How he managed to get in there still baffles me.
Kevin was a smooth talker, and with a face and body like his, I couldn’t resist his charm.

From there we became very good friends until he told me he had fallen in love with me. The feeling was definitely mutual.

Kevin was perfect, beautiful in all ways. He was interested in what I was interested in. Fashion, food, everything. You name it, he had it!.

I was dumbfounded, He called me over to his house on the 21st and said he was leaving me for whatsherface! He said the “spark” was not there anymore. The usual “it’s not you, it’s me” line. I asked him to be honest with me, at least, all I wanted was honesty from him now, how long they had been together and he said three years. F*@/!! What?!


“Please can we have a statement from you, we know you are upset but we would need this as soon as possible” the female officer said.

Date: 25th April 2007

Name: Annabel King
Age: 23
Sex: F

Today, I was arrested by three cops for the death of my cheating ex-boyfriend, Kevin.

I mean, he told he cheated on me the last time I saw him, he broke off every form of affiliation we had but I couldn’t possibly have the impulse to kill him. No, never, I loved him even though he was cheating on me with that girl, “whatsherface”!

He said any entanglement we had/have has been broken as from that day. I begged him not to because I loved him so much, my heart shattered before me but I left him alive! I swear I did.

I got back home at 10:30pm last night after being heartbroken from my colloquy with Kevin 4 days ago, I went to my friend’s and she took care of me.
She is my alibi.

I have also been informed that there’s evidence pointing fingers towards me murdering my Kevin. This is contrary to reason! Very! I wouldn’t harm a hair on his head. I think this is nonsensical.



Stay Tuned Till Saturday 🙂 Alariwo Loves You

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20 thoughts on “Alariwo Writer’s Duet Special : Convicted

  1. Bibi Jubril says:

    As Usual,A Very Brilliantly Composed Post!I Don’t Think Any Of The Girls Killed Him…..I’m Confused Sef 8-|

  2. Bookey says:

    Lovely post, I like the twist…..its prolly merlin cole, the babe in @sandiepandie ‘s write up ….btw ayobami dm me who killed kevin o

  3. @iHaffTire4YouO says:

    err kevin was poisoned noni…nd both ov erm did..or kevin is not dead! RME abeg d story is disturbin my head beht i wont read it again… :p

  4. tushe says:

    i actually do know who killed him….till next week then 😀

    • Ayob Alariwo says:

      @Tushe…. u r bragging jarey.. u don’t know jor…

      @Bookey i sweardown i don’t know…… bet wait o!!! i’m an alariwo n i don’t even know 😦 Chai where are this two gals now… Sandie and Detoke…. oya come n tell me o!!… or else ehen *Lips sealed*

  5. from what I have read, none of those girls were his wife.

    So from where I am standing, I think his wife did. . . 😀

    hit me up, I might write this from her viewpoint 🙂

    • beebee says:

      Kool twist cmng from u… Making the story disturb my head more. The guy z a certified player sha!

      The story z Kool Beans. I totally Like!

  6. spaggy says:

    Kevin Died of AIDS Joor, Obviously! 😐

  7. @iamshola says:

    I think kevin is a married man,and has two girlfriends,wch his wife got to kno bout n got upset and kill him then she cover her tracks by implicating the two girlfriend’s

  8. lenovs says:

    Oh I know I know, Kevin was a spy, he was assasinated by a foreign government he had been stealing inteligence from, \(˘▽˘)/ …that would explain his Bond, James Bond effect on those poor ladies…this has Uganda written all over it!!!

  9. honeydewAmos says:

    Ermmm…kevin probably took a long drive and got himself killed on purpose,I guess…..cos he hurt both gurls..*rme* :s

  10. honeydewAmos says:

    Ok,this is d second tym I’m reading jst to try nd figure out d person that killed Kevin….arghhh!!! Too much suspense,feels lyk I’m being punished 😦

  11. jalallly says:

    I think the last girl killed the guy,, she did it cause she said she was with him that night and she sounds to damn guilty, she sounds as if she doesn’t want to get caught.. #truertalk.

  12. tolzzzz says:

    Kevin faked his death (no mention of his body) to avoid the awkwardness of the bitter women showing up at his wedding in the future….yes,i got it,i know …i know. *bows to imaginary applause*

  13. joyce says:

    Nice,fate cut up with him…… But if its a proper nigerian story his number 1 killed him

  14. lexyblak says:

    Lmao @ the comments… Don’t think any of the girls killed kevin tho…maybe he ad an accident while trying 2 escape to Nigeria

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