Alariwo Poetry: Half stoned HEART

so Today We are Taking a Break of our Duet series….

why? well because here at Alariwo we love our readers i.e YOU and a few of you requested via our twitter account that we posted a Poem soonest… so we here we have a lovely one for you all…

I Introduce our NEW POET @Rasheed_CMC .. 

Did i hear you say you know him? Oh yes he is a Celeb o!! he is an artist signed to Canbit Music Crew (CMC) i would drop his links below but for now do enjoy the post from this very talented singer and writer 🙂 

Stoned, inanimate, unmoved
not completely but in halves,
Sometimes wild, dark,feelings hidden
not completely but in halves,

Do not be sad if I put u down
All my action I don’t see as bad
Sometimes I regret Sometimes
I ride on the moment

Everything important I forget
Nonchalant me! Everyone laments.
so sorry if I refuse to give out acknowledgement

I care less of myself
To me all  goes the same way
No one is special
So your thoughts bothers me not

Its pays not  learning the hard way
But the hard way is worth learning
When I call I’m refused and cursed
When I refuse I’m called and loved

Complexity is softer than u think
Look beyond the surface
you’ll see the truth I speak
Be calm a bit more
You’ll witness  my caring spirit

Break through the codes
See through My soul
I want to be loved
Now I think I am lost

I fall deep when I imagine things
I cry while fantasising
Its hard to believe
But this is the True Beauty of simplicity

Being real is being me
That’s my uniqueness
Reality shapes me to something else
Wish I could  pretend

Maybe I am complicated
May be I’m just too simple to believe
Maybe the meaning of  difficulty is  understanding me
Maybe maybe maybe!! What ever!

stoned, inanimate, unmoved
not completely but in halves,
Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!
Half stoned heart is what I have
What a heart.

@Rasheed_Cmc  Reporting for Alariwo 🙂

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Download Rasheed’s Undoubtable song :–> Click Here Very Nice RnB Track 🙂

Download Rasheed’s Tonight song:—-> Click Here

The Duet Series Continues with @Didi_Dexsis and @brusselsneo ….. Stay Tuned Till Next week Saturday 🙂  Alariwo Loves You

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8 thoughts on “Alariwo Poetry: Half stoned HEART

  1. pweety D says:

    Wow ds is noice! Ilike

  2. pweety D says:

    And i ƪ♥√ع ur songs rasheed

  3. Lexa says:

    And yes Simplicity is beautiful. Would love to call this peice Simple, I can’t…it’s beautiful
    in its complexity.

  4. heartbreakka says:

    Heheheh!!! Half stoned heart u say.. Am one of u den rasheed 🙂 .. Nyc one tho..

  5. tushe says:

    #teamcanbit O strong!

  6. COOLDOVE says:

    I’m soo touched. Im proud of u bro.

  7. DeMorrieaux says:

    “Being real is being me
    That’s my uniqueness”

    Very much reminds me of my Being Me –>

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