Alariwo Writer’s Duet Special: Scores

So Today’s post is from @Alex_Amos (Alariwo writers) and @CeceNostockings (Guest Writer )  ….. i’m super excited about this post and i hope you all Enjoy it ….  🙂

It was hot. The scorching sun hung high up in its haven and glared down on the innocent and not-so-innocent alike. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful day, and nobody seemed to be willing to let the sun interrupt their summer fun. Girls in shorts and tanks littered the street, there were children in kiddie pools on some lawns, guys in shorts and Tees, picnickers, and I was sure a quick drive down to the mall, would prove it to be packed.

However, the mall was the last thing on my mind that fine summer’s day as I sat at the driver’s seat of my old blue volkswagen bug. I took one last drag of my cigarette, flung the stub out the window, and ran my fingers through my hair frantically. <em>You can do this.</em> I  repeated it in my mind, over and over, until it was etched into every fibre of my being, and I was filled with a refreshing rush of renewed strength. I  leaned forward and turned the key in the ignition, and the car, after sputtering violently, came to life in a somewhat slow response.

Shaking off the tiny bit of uncertainty that was creeping in, I  put the car in gear, pulled out of the driveway, and jostled the dead-beat car forward. For an old car, it could move. Well, at least it could get me where I needed to go. I kept my eyes on the road and my .38 nestled safely on the passenger seat, wrapped in his sweater.

I sat alongside 8 others in a semi circle. The 9th chair was empty. The occupant was behind the mahogany stand and was bearing his life in front of these strangers. I’m up after this speaker. I shook my head in disdain. I can’t believe I’m doing this. All because I want to be with Cynthia. Just a month ago, I would have started a mayhem if anyone ever suggested this but I’m serious about marrying again. Good thing Cynthia couldn’t come with me, the therapist said I would have to bear it all. I Guess the fever that kept her at home is a blessing afterall. I felt benumbed and it was not caused by the room temperature. I rubbed my sweaty palms together as I made my way forward, mumbling the phrase: “things we do for love”.


“Hi my name is william, I’m an alcholic and a drug addict.”

“Hi william,” replied 8 others including the therapist…

I forced a smile for the cashier as she handed me my change. She was a bit too cheerful for my taste, but then it was probably because she had to be. Picking up the soda I’d just bought, I walked out of the store and towards my car. I leaped aside for the little girl who ran past me suddenly, almost knocking me off my feet. I watched as she ran up to a man I assumed was her father, and got scooped up into his arms and tickled. I got into the car, and continued to watch as she laughed and hugged her dad. Shadowy thoughts overwhelmed me as I journeyed back to one of the many memories that had come to torment me.

It was like I was back at our font porch that night, just finishing off from my part-time job at the diner, and trying to get into the house. I could hear loud music blaring from within as I struggled with the lock. After a series of trials and errors, I finally managed to get the door open, and, as usual, William was wasted and passed out on the couch, amidst a sea of cigarette butts and empty beer bottles. I manoeuvred my way to the stereo and turned the music off. The silence echoed round the house, and William stirred a bit. Assuming he was still quite far gone, I continued past him towards my room. I was barely a two feet away when he reached out and grabbed my hand. “Jimmy called.” His speech was a barely audible slurr, and it brought goose pimples to my skin. “He said you didn’t come by like agreed.”

His grip was quite lax, so I jerked free and backed away. “I have your money, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“You better.”

I pulled the day’s tips out of my front pocket, and dropped it in his outstretched palm. He drifted off again almost immediately, leaving me wondering how long I could continue to fuel his habit.


I paused and looked into their faces searchingly. They appeared to be interested and their expressions were not judgmental. Hypocrites! I thought to myself as I continued  my story.  


The door was unlocked, and so I let myself in. She didn’t hear me come in, so I stood at the door and just watched, taking all of her in. The way her hands moved over her body, lathering and scrubbing, seemed like an invitation to me. I inched forward and bumped into a stool. 

She spun around and immediately tried to cover herself. Quite stupid.


“William! What the hell are you doing?”


Beads of water trickled down her cleavage as she covered both nipples with one arm while her other palm settled between her thighs. Legs crooked slightly over each other.


“Well, I figured you gotta work for your money.” I moved towards her. “And since you didn’t go see Jimmy…”


She backed up as I advanced. “You need to get out. Seriously.”


I clutched her by the throat, pinning her against the tiled bathroom wall, her scream sounded like an excited squeal to me. I kissed her so intensely and roughly while my other hand cupped and squeezed her left breast. she sealed her leaps and shook me off but its not like she can put up much fight when I’m relentlessly persistent so she unwillingly gave in. I dropped my pants and turned her around. She bent over, her hands against the wall. I grabbed her hair firmly, pulling her head backwards forcefully. She let out a soft moan and with one swift, hard thrust I entered her…

The honking from a truck yanked me back to reality, and I swerved to avoid an unplanned death. I parked at the side of the freeway, and turned my caution lights on. Breathing deeply, I struggled to regain composure. Focus was something I couldn’t afford to lose. When my hands were stable enough, I restarted the car and continued on my way. According to the map, I’m only few minutes away from the address.

“…Cynthia came into my life and saw the good in me.” William continued. “She knows about my drug addiction but I’m scared to tell her about the incest. Though its in the past now, she might see me differently. That will break my heart…”

I brought the car to a screeching halt outside the building, almost ramming the bumper against the curb. My mind was playing tricks on me. I turned off the engine and just sat there, staring into nothingness. Tears rolled down my cheek as I lit another cigarette and dragged in nicotine, only to fling the rest of the stick out in disgust. My body trembled, but more out of anger than the underlying fear of what I was about to do. I picked up the .38, got out of the car,  and half ran, half staggered into the building. Too late to turn back now.


I ended my outpouring and looked towards the door just to be sure she wasn’t there. The room was engulfed in applause.

The door was unlocked, and so I let myself in. How stupid of him to think he could just move on.

I was taken aback…

“Are you cynthia?” I asked, surprised to meet her alone in the apartment. She nodded gripped by fear.

Filled with elation from my successful therapy session, I couldn’t wait to get to Cynthia. I got home to find my apartment building surrounded by police cars and reporters. Wondering what was going on, I questioned the closest reporter.


“Two women were shot dead in an apartment upstairs.” He said.


 I scaled over the police line and bolted up the stairs, deaf to the instructions to stop. I needed to make sure she was safe. My heart broke and I went weak as I saw their two bodies on the floor and the .38, my .38, between them. 


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So it’s a Wrap 🙂 that’s it for our Duet Series i hope you enjoyed it and if you missed other posts.. please Click on this —->  ” Duet Series

10 thoughts on “Alariwo Writer’s Duet Special: Scores

  1. Adetayo Aduni says:

    Pls tell me hu the oda woman is!! Plus cynthia deserved to knw bout his past. If a woman loves you she loves u irrespectable of ur past present or future… AlthOugh usually we never love those dat love us. An irony.

  2. Adetayo Aduni says:

    Lovely! Very intriguing! Looking forward to wat happened btwn cynthia and. Oda dead woman

  3. cumical says:

    Oh wow.

  4. rasheed says:

    Confused! Sad story…..

  5. orifunke says:

    Nice story, I must confess! And intriguing too….a job well-done 🙂 but you should have let us know whatever happened to them and who the other woman is or does the story have a continuation and conclusion in another post?

    • juzheard says:

      Err… Actually there’s a clue in the story that indicated the other woman to be his daughter. Check this:
      “I leaped aside for the little girl who ran past me suddenly, almost knocking me off my feet. I watched as she ran up to a man I assumed was HER FATHER, …continued to watch as she laughed and hugged HER DAD. Shadowy thoughts overwhelmed me as I JOURNEYED BACK to one of the MANY MEMORIES that had come to TORMENT ME”

      I hope that helped but we will do a better job at making it more vivid next time and though very daisy, there will probably be another post to it
      Tnx funke 🙂

  6. IfyNath says:


  7. really confused *scratching head* or is it just me?

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