Ariwo: Mafia Love

So we are really sorry for not posting last Saturday….We had to attend the #FestivalOfLove Charity event.. 🙂 which held last saturday 

So today’s Post is an unfinished and untidied Job… but i decided that since today marks Easter Monday… What time is it better to post a Creative Writeup with Easter Eggs 🙂

 So please let all the pictures load finish and Do Enjoy the Creative Post from …. Ermm x_x Alariwo’s Admin 🙂 

Once Upon A time… there Lived a boy named Wale ….

Wale was in Love with a Lady named Philipa. *Pause* who names his daughter Philipa? Heard its because she has big pomo-like lips *chuckles*. Still who loves a girl named Philipa except a perv that loves kissing *side-eye at Wale*

So Wale and his friends typed a letter titled  “Request to be your  boo” *Follow the link to  Read*

Philipa was tripped was tripped by his choice of words and courage so she also fell in love with him

Alex,  a Bad Mafia Goon also liked Philipa…. Huh?  Did I hear you ask why? well, like I said earlier, he’s a perv too.

Alex then ordered his Goons to take care of Wale, so he could be with Philipa

So they approached Wale’s friends to know his location. After the confrontation, which turned to an attack, @Pornjers‘ bowleg became straight , @Fresh_child looked like frozen ogi. Fortunately, @deepboye was able to kill one of them  with his Gbagauns

However, Two very pretty nurses named Giovanna and Daysola and their team treated them. As honourable ashewos, they got well fast.

Alex was mad at his goons @k6rocks and @ThisisDeji11 for the unfinished business

So he goes himself with his right hand man Rasheed… kills @deepboye and then threatens the location from the others

Immediately Wale heard about this, he ran toThey employed bodyguards for him and Philipa  @Shugar_DaDDY and @bank_keyzto help himbut when they noticed Alex’s goons were well armed, and had out numbered them, they were scared and ran awayOne of the bodyguards, @iHaffTire4YouOwas caught and immediately he snitched  Wale and disclosed his whereabouts.

Alex Killed Wale. Philipa was so sad and she also killed herself

And they lived happily ever in the world beyond.

The End

Happy Easter From Alariwo 🙂

Introducing the Alariwo writers

Wale- @Goldenmoses (Story )

Philipa – @didi_dexsis. ( Lifematics/ ariwo ). She does everything.

Alex – @Alex-amos ( Short Series/ Story )

Rasheed – @rasheed_cmc ( Poetry )

Giovanna —@pikcha_perfect ( Lifematics )

Daysola – @dayDesola ( Stories/ Lifematics )

And yeah Good News Alariwo would be One Year Old soonest… 

Quiz to reward our Loyal Reader(s) 

1.) What Date was’s first post ??

2.) What were the titles of the First two posts and who wrote them? 

N:B i have Changed the dates of most of the posts so you wouldn’t cheat :p 

A Big Shout Out to All those that were tagged in this post… Thnks for you Support 🙂 and also to people not tagged *sorry no space to tag every1* i also appreciate you all for your support 🙂 n yeah also to Gbenga Iyiola 4 allowing me use his modem 😀 

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30 thoughts on “Ariwo: Mafia Love

  1. Adetayo Aduni says:

    I like. Although I tink dat wudnt be the last goon dat wud disturb wale and philipia. I think I already av a secret crush onn egg wale.

  2. juzheard says:

    Rotflmao!!! This is sooooooo freaking hilarious!!! …AyoB I wee get u!

  3. @sheypoundzz says:

    Clowns!!! Clowns!!! Clowns!!!! Very senseless and mumu write-up. Bur dats d idea sha… I love it

  4. cumical says:

    I loved the pictures. Creative stuff man. Good work.

  5. toyoursee says:

    hahaha..nice one Ayo_B especially with the pictures bet you didnt put my name -__- and how are we supposed to remember the dates of the posts,haba!but i do remember the 1st two posts 😀 oga kilome and super story by @goldenmoses

  6. ipaye says:

    I don laugh tire, this is actually Good I must say……I thought d wale u were refering to was me,I for come treat ur fuck up ​‎​​L̳̿Ö̤̣̇☺ː̗̀(=)))ː̖́☺Ö̤̣̇L̳̿‎​!

  7. honeydew says:

    Lmao!!! R u serious?? Dis is a joke rite?….nice tho nd yh,d pictures r cool 🙂

  8. Kemmiiii says:

    Lol. I really like this.

  9. hardehyi says:

    Dis is nice…… Love d ending

  10. obafuntay says:

    This got me laughing!…. Brilliant! The egg pictures are Epic!

  11. Lipsie'sbaldie says:

    Love the eggs….awesome stuff ..I love philipa too 😀

  12. rasheed says:


  13. Didi says:

    AyoB hafana? i can’t even remember the dates of the post. Be nice and Change the questions jare.

  14. @deepboye says:

    but ayob y dey go kill mi naw.. nice story shia…

  15. @iHaffTire4YouO says:

    me body guard! …hmmmph i wee swear for sombori! smchew..nd i didnt snitch nobody RME!… LMAO

  16. love! love!! love!!!!! love d write up :bd

  17. esiri says:

    hehehe…nice 1

  18. chisomaga ukaegbu says:

    hehehehe nyc 1 Ayo_B but wat appned 2 me naw….i wan act play oo!! but also lovely story

  19. […] who we introduced few weeks back. *Click here if you missed the creative post —>  Mafia Love *    Our first posts (we dropped two Posts) were exactly a year ago… Yay!! We are One […]

  20. […] who we introduced few weeks back. *Click here if you missed the creative post —>  Mafia Love *    Our first posts (we dropped two Posts) were exactly a year ago… Yay!! We are One […]

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