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“Fashion is definitely boundless, seamless and indefinite in ideologies” true. We hear about and witness several fashion trends that go in and out with various fashion seasons. Fashion trends go in and out, mostly according to the wearability of the fashion article in the particular weather or the effect a trend has on your age group through a celebrity, so fashion is a particularly ever growing, changing an evolving field, yet there are those articles of fashion that never go out what so ever the season may be.

Its a shame but its also the truth that the most influence in fashion trends comes from countries with four weather seasons, and what becomes a trend is what people pick up and wear during that season, like for instance, there was return of boots last December, I really wanted to get a pair, till I realised that the only reason why boots were back was because it was winter in Europe, and what else were they to wear? Slippers? So if you want to remain a forever fashionable individual stick with articles of clothing that have nothing to do with weather, because the fact that its summer forever in Nigeria, won’t still stop European weather from influencing fashion trends.
Another key to knowing what will never go out of fashion is that it looks good on both the young and old, and this will be of great help if you are in a transitional phase, like most university students, like leather jackets might be ‘fly’ to young people but very unnecessary to older people. So rather investing in a multipurpose blazer would be wiser.

For these reasons and few others, I thought of some fashion articles that should always remain a staple in every guy and gals wardrobe.


1. Proper straight cut jeans- Jeans are actually there most casual and fashionable piece of clothing out there, and proper denim not faded, not ripped, is forever welcome. Your jeans being straight, helps as its perfect for all occasions, not slim and not boot cut, just okay.

2. Lovely original accessories- Wrist wears and Shades are always fashionable, when I first came to covenant university, every guy wanted a Marc Jacobs watch it was pure bling, later on it became the g-shock watch, and more recently the Hublot watch. The truth about these watches is that no one any of our ages should be able to afford these watches except *cough* ‘maga’, that’s why they go in and out of fashion, investing in an original accessory is classic and will stay with you for a long time. Some are even passed down from parent to offspring.

3. Blazers and suits- Blazers and suits can be worn and re-worn for as long as possible be it corporate or casual, the work place or a social event, the simple act of adding or removing a tie to the outfit, and you go from corporate to casual, just like that so we should all own more than a few pairs.

1. Little black dress- LBD’s have always been there and always will be there, because they’ve come to be appreciated over the years for their versatility and are perfect for impromptu occasions. Whether worn with a jacket or accessories, the LBD is fashionable forever.

2. Accessories- Diamonds are a girl’s best friends right?, well of recent, pearls seem to be getting similar or equivalent love. Women have always had weak spots for accessories, it won’t be wrong to say that every fashion conscious woman has a box of many beads, bracelets, chains, pearls etc. So investing in accessories will never let you down, and if they ever do, give them to your daughter, ‘cause the only time that’ll ever happen is when you’re too old to be bothered.

3. Black pumps- Black pumps, have always been around, ‘axe’ your mummy, she’ll probably tell you as well. They have always served the female fashionista, helping her most especially at times when no other shoe was courageous enough to go with different outfits, and have stood the test of time.

Honestly, this article was pretty difficult, as I personally feel everything is fashionable forever and anything that goes out of fashion is a fashion trend waiting to happen. Then again, these articles of clothing have probably been around longer than others, hope I was helpful, ttyl.

Erinle Ayo Delz.
Fashion blogger, Writer and Designer for Parah plus.
@DelzDapper reporting for


Good-news 😀 Alariwo is going to be 1 year old soonest…. Watch Out for Alariwo @ 1 🙂

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