Alariwo Story: Any Given Semester

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Image by © Jim Craigmyle/Corbis

Droplets of water from the Louver dripped upon the window frame. Cold breeze splashed on my face as I stared through the overlapping fins into the decorated flower garden in front of my faculty. The lecturer’s voice faded into the background as I got lost in awe of her. she sat under the shade made of zinc roof and wooden frame.

She ran her hand over her hair as the breeze blew against it and simultaneously raised her head. She gazed in my direction and for a second, it felt like her eyes caught mine but she buried her face in whatever she was reading almost immediately. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment as I followed the breeze to oblivion…

Ladi had told me how he tried to ‘scope’ her but it was a wild goose chase. Secretly, I nursed the ambition of doing the same but couldn’t tell any of my pals because Ladi had made his intentions known and also because they would have laughed their ass out. Guys like me don’t get girls like her. In an American teenage movie, I will be the geek and she will be a prom queen. So you see?
In a moment of spasm. I jumped over the desk and stood still for a moment gathering momentum. I heard that “ghenghen” soundtrack accompanied by a lot of cymbals in my head.. I heaved up my shoulders and looked towards her direction one more time before I proceeded towards her. Most of my guys were confused at my action so they just watched as this action film unfolded before their eyes. Ladi was starting to get the idea but he was in denial. That I will even actuate such thought is upsetting as far as he is concerned.

I started advancing towards her in slow-mo. Light symphony was playing in my head. Just like that gulder advert, the one that guy ran in and screamed “they’re coming, they’re coming.” I felt adrenaline rush in me and in that moment, I was Nick Cannon’s Character in “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”. The geek who got the popular girl.

In between my efforts in ‘psyching’ myself up, I realised I was standing in front of her. She and her friends were looking at me like ‘WTF?’

I said: “hi”.

“Ehen?” She asked disdainfully like a typical yoruba girl.

The music in my head screeched to an abrupt stop like a dj scratch.
“Err…errm… I just thought I should come talk to you”

I barely managed to get the words out without she and her friends taking note of my trembling voice. My almighty wall of confidence crumbled.
“Since when na?” She asked mockingly. “Abi kini ipade werey ati asinwin?”

I didn’t understand that yoruba idiom but it must be ridiculing me because even Ladi and my friends joined the laugh galore.

I felt so little. Damn! The anger that erupted from within me spurred out from how vulnerable and humiliated I was. But there’s no need crying over spilled milk. I might as well take the bull by the horn… What the hell, I’ll have the bull’s balls!

“Sorry, do you think you re pretty?” I asked her. There was an awkward ‘oooh’ which echoed around.

“Xcuse me?” She asked throbbing her head forward a bit just to make sure she heard right the first time.

I continued. “I mean… Yeah… You’re a beauty to behold but from where I stand, if what helps you overcome your insecurity is making others feel lesser than they should, I feel sorry for you because of the daily effort you put into this pathetic character you’ve created and you’re yet to get paid for. And oh yeah, I saw your grades, they’re not pretty either.”

I moved closer to her and pulled her up with one arm round her as swiftly as I could. She let out a soft moan, breathing heavily in my arms. I could feel her body surrender. She parted her lips and I covered it with mine. It was the best kiss ever. I let go of her.

“You’re excused.” I responded to what she said earlier. I spun around in slo-mo. That gulder soundtrack came back to my head as she stood transfixed in my thought.

Ladi slapped me back to reality as the other guys busted into laughter.

“Dude you’ve been staring at her for a very long time. I bet you didn’t even notice the lecturer has left the class. Give it up man, she’s way out of your league. Believe me, I’ve tried.”

As Ladi and the other guys got out of the class making fun of me, she made her way towards the window from where I’ve been staring at her and smiled at me as she passed by, walking with such grace.

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  1. Haemlet says:

    Wasn’t it obvious that he was day dreaming?

  2. daminozide says:

    9c rite up

  3. alao says:

    thumbs up mehn

  4. tushe says:

    lmao, ghenghen moment……i would do this to ‘her’….immaculate

  5. oluchi enemuo says:

    Nice short one there,really captivating and extremely funny…keep up d good work…

  6. Fela says:

    Aii this is 1 hell of a write up, thumbs up mahn YOU ARE GOOD. Lmfao!

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    Hilarious*laff wan tear my belle*

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    LOL indiana jonz

  10. Ayob Alariwo says:

    Happy Birthday to Alex Amos and this is a Lovely Writeup sir…. I wish you long life in good health and more inspiration and “best” writing

  11. kassyliman says:

    Every sentence I read ffed wiv a smile.I enjoyed it.thumbs up luv

  12. afeminineheart says:

    OmG, I love this post.

  13. juzheard says:

    Thanks to everyone that read, those who commented too… Thanks for the wishes…. Thanks Alariwo my fam!!! More years for us!

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