Alariwo Story: I Am Not Yours

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“What the f**k are you doing here?” She demanded angrily as she opened up her front door to the knock that had roused her from her 4 hour nap.

“I came to see you”, he replied in an even tone as he pushed past her and strode into the house. ” I was concerned”.

“Look”, she said as she blocked his path, “You had your fair chance to show concern about me weeks ago and instead you and I had some fucking mind-blowing sexual relationship and you left, tossing in my laps some bullshit excuse about you making the best decision for me because of the way you cared about me. F**k you. Get out of my house”

She was visibly angry. Flared nostrils, fists clenching and consciously being unclenched. Even her stance was angry. She was about ready to hurl any visible object at his head and injure him to the point of unconsciousness. The bastard had hurt her deeply. Worse than that, he had left her with a reminder.

“Would you calm down? Your roommate called me. Worried sick. And I was concerned. She said you’d been vigorously ill the past couple of days so I came down to see you. And since we are on this issue, my decision to leave was for your benefit and not mine. I swear it” He seemed sincere.

“I think I heard this line on a TV series once”
“It’s the truth”
“Concern huh? You were so concerned that you left my heart bruised and beat up? And today you rush over here and disrupt my life all over again out of human compassion, benevolence and Christian charity?”
“Whatever you want to call it”

She wanted to call it love but didn’t have the nerve or courage to face rejection a second time. She wanted to utter the words just to see how he’d react and undoubtedly scamper back into his shell and destroy her life once again. She couldn’t risk it.
Instead they just stared at each other for seconds that felt like days. There were thoughts that needed to be voiced but words better left unsaid. It felt ridiculous for them to be having this argument when there was so much sexual tension between them that they had to tiptoe around their emotions.

“Are you still with him?” He asked her. They both knew who he was referring to. No names were needed. No names were ever given. It was the other him. The one whose presence had been so visible and silently left unspoken and building up till he’d had to leave. Her heart couldn’t accommodate too much.

“Yes. I’m not leaving him”. She replied. “I’m never leaving him for you”.
“Did you tell him about us?” “Yes.”
“Did he understand?” “Yes. It’s why I’d never leave him”.
“Then I’m sorry for all that happened between us.” He said this with all sincerity. “I’m sorry I ever kissed you. I shouldn’t have. That kiss was the beginning of all things bad”.
She nodded in silent agreement. It had all began with that stupid kiss that had left her mouth invaded and her mind disheveled. One kiss.
“And I shouldn’t kiss you now either.” He continued.
“But I’m going to anyway”.

Before her reflexes kicked in, she was being held tightly in his arms and pressed against his body. He looked down on her face briefly and waited for her to instinctively lick her lips. Immediately she did he bent towards her and his mouth came down on hers, slanting over slightly parted lips that didn’t stand a chance in fighting his.
Later, she would reassure herself that she had struggled and that his greater masculine strength had overpowered her. She lied to herself. Her body inclined toward his and her feet lifted to a-tiptoe as she brought herself to stand even impossibly closer to him, between his legs.
His tongue parted her obliging lips to tease the sensitive inner lining. When he heard her soft whimpers he kissed deeper, harder and with the authority of staking a claim of possession. She could not remember placing her hands around his neck and urging him deeper but she found her fingers locking behind his neck and pulling him closer.
The sounds he made in his throat were guttural, animal and hinting at a deep desire. She was scared. She was satisfied. It was gratifying to her ego that he could still want her with such intensifying passion.

“I swear to you this is not why I came here” He managed to say between kissing her and effortlessly lifting her frame and pushing her back into the wall of the living room whilst she wrapped her legs around his torso.
“I’m sure you don’t believe that”

He stopped for a minute and looked searchingly into her eyes.
“I’ve tried to stay away. I swear that I have”, He said, pleading for her to believe him, “These past few weeks have been torture for me, knowing that you were in his arms, and being loved by him in ways that I could be better for you. The last thing I want is for you to hate me and regret what we had because he left you. You love him too much, and would never love me that way. I understand that. I do not have power to fight that”.
She stopped fumbling with his buttons long enough to say, “There are no regrets here. In a way that even I cannot understand, and that he leaves unquestioned, I guess somehow I love you too”.

He leaned in to kiss her again, pushing her back deeper into the wall. It was rough, it was some sort of punishment for her breaking his heart. And she loved it, wanted it.
His mouth met hers and his tongue made love to her mouth. With rhythmic, wild, angry thrusts he practically f**ked her mouth and left no question as to who owned her body. The other might have her heart but he controlled her body, and he wanted her to remember that.
He ducked his head and kissed her breasts through the cloth even as he unbuttoned her blouse. When he parted the blouse and pulled it down her shoulders her breasts were damp from his mouth and her nipples were taut and aching.

He forcibly calmed himself and commanded himself to slow down as he carried her towards the bed in the studio apartment.
“No! No!”, She said “He’s coming over later and I wouldn’t have time to change the sheets”
He stopped, buried his head in her shoulders and sighed.
“What the f**k are we doing? You love him and would never leave him. I’m the one being screwed over here” He picked her blouse off the floor and tossed it over to her on the bed.
“You knew what you were getting into. You know me, and he understands me. Don’t act all self-righteous all of a sudden”
They were back to this. Arguing. Either they were doing this or they were f**king.
“Well I’m done.” He said, walking back towards the front door. “My heart can only take so much f**kery and I only came to check on you because your roommate said you were ill. You are obviously well enough to want to f**k”

“F**k you!” She said as she flung a nearby bottle at him. “You don’t get to decide who leaves and who stays, it’s not your choice. Besides, you didn’t think I was to sick to f**k seconds ago when you were about ready to stick your dick inside me. You are so bloody dim-witted and idiotic, I’m worse than sick. I’m pregnant”


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This post leaves me with two questions 🙂

Who is the father of the baby? and 

What is your take on the issue of “F**k Buddies” ?

Please use the comment box below: 

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29 thoughts on “Alariwo Story: I Am Not Yours

  1. lola says:

    Shit!!! Who is responsible ooooooooooooooooo

  2. lola says:

    Who is the Father ooooo???

  3. lola says:

    We want part2

  4. msibiyemi says:

    Nice story….fuck buddies destroys a lot of fngs..

  5. snipes says:

    wow! Romantic.short of words!! But the end,kinda sick. Dunno wat to think. She prefers d fling or her luver boy?luv or lust/infatuation?

  6. Achi_va says:

    So her sickness = pregnancy

  7. morayo says:

    Wow…dts all I can type!!!!

  8. Arichikunorikut says:

    Holy crap!!! She’s preggers ni sha!!! But I fink d both of dem shld man up n accept dier feelings for each oda. The passion there is too much 2 ignore
    Wonderful write up btw but my question is who broke who’s hrt?

  9. @thenativedoctor says:

    Gud write-up! Its always sad to know most women r not strong -spirited enough n as such kip falling into dsame problem. I fink ladies got a lot to learn frm dis- taking a stance on matters of d heart…N 4 THOSE WHO CARE, I’m d father of d Baby 🙂 cheers

  10. Balogun Awon Obinrin says:

    Only @Daydesola can create such…..I’m proud of u baby :)…..But omo the girl don get bele o…chai

  11. honeydew says:

    I’m worse than sick. I’m pregnant” :O :O :O :O *faints*… who’s d baby father?

  12. MzKartel says:

    We MUST have part 2! \(‘ ^ ‘)/

  13. LamBA says:

    i wd fuck her wit the pregnancy jor!

  14. Adetayo Aduni says:

    Nyc I think she is goin to av a twin plus if he screws er as well as it sounds he has got to be the father.

  15. Chukwuemeka Amaraegbeni says:

    The F*** Buddy Dilema… I see it this way, if you’re screwing each other, feelings have already been caught. The trip is to what degree!! Enough to just free and laugh about your escapade later , or enough to have something a bit more defined..

  16. juzheard says:

    O_O …pls der must be a part 2 o!!! Gaddamn!

  17. toyoursee says:

    really nice write up…it’s hard to tell who the father of the baby is though…and with arrangements like this,there are always feelings involved and someone usually ends up hurt

  18. obafuntay says:

    and i had to read this on a Sunday morning… so much for keeping the Sabbath day holy. My very graphic mind *sigh*
    Well written post.


  19. shante001 says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! I think d fuck buddy is d owner of d child, dats y her room mate called him. The P d gurl has, she cnt differentiate Love from lust, 4 all we know it might be pity love to her BF or she’s just lust in her emotions, trust me if u love sum1 u wouldn’t necessarily cheat, except it aint really love

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  22. I am sure babies don’t drop fro heaven. The babe surely know who the father of her child is.

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