Alariwo Series S04E01: Mannequin

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Alariwo Series Season-04 Episode-01: Mannequin


I burst into the room and opened up the wooden shutters. The celestial sun ray filled the room as the setting sun spread an orange blanket over the milky ways. Boy! I lost track of time watching movies on Afmag with Sijuade’s family.

My father would be mad if he comes home to a dirty apartment so I hastily tidied the room in a bid to beat the dying day while Sijuade helped me with the cooking by adding more “de rica” to the rice so she can later scoop some away for my father and I.
I lit the lantern with the blurry glass bulb and turn down the glow so I can go have a smoke at the aboki’s kiosk in front of the face-to-face building where I live.

Moments passed…

I had put out the cigarette and stumped on it to quench the stench
from lingering as soon as he pulled over. As he drew near the ‘aboki’s’ kiosk, I became so self-conscious. I started adjusting my spaghetti strap top while I wrestled the voice in my head that always remind me of my inferiority complex. I prayed silently that he should come close enough to notice me.

He had bought stuffs from the aboki. I couldn’t make them out
because they were handed to him in a black plastic bag. He didn’t even
as much as glanced my way before he returned into his Camry 2.0. Then the aboki noticed he had overpaid him and was going to call his attention before he could drive off but I quickly stepped in

“Make I help you give am.” I said to the aboki.

“Tanki you.” He replied with something that looked like a smile admist broken and decayed teeth as he handed me the money.
I scurried towards the car. My intuition told me to lean forward and give him a good view of my bosom. Don’t get me wrong o, I don’t want him for sex but the way I feel about him, I can catch a boko Haram for him. The only thing is he did not know it, so on that note, I decided that ‘leaning forward’ may be too forward. Besides, I don’t want to create a wrong impression… only. *lol*
I knocked on the driver’s door and handed out the money.

“He said you over paid him.” I gestured towards the aboki.

“Really?” He patted his pockets “Oh… Thanks.”

He was going to push the car key through the ignition hole and spark life into the Engine when like a dying man’s last request, I asked?

“Are you ever going to notice me?”

I really needed his answer cos it mattered to the ever present voice in my head.

He stared at me for a while then giggled. “What made you ask that?”

But he knew why I did. His name is Tosan. I saw him more frequently for the next few days than I saw my period… Apparently, I only see that stuff within a specific period in a month. I love the feeling, the attention so I gave him the combination to unlock my chastity belt as soon as he made the move on me.

It was a whole new experience.That someone is going about his daily business and then pause for a moment just to let you know that he is thinking about you. I have never felt that before and I wanted that forever. Moreover, I wanted that with him I knew I was rushing things but I didn’t want to think. Then I walked in on his conversation with two of his friends who live in the neighbourhood too. How he had; according to him, banged me after his billable hours the previous day. He didn’t even notice me standing… Just like he never did before. I doubt if he ever did. Afterall, I was the one who made the move on him. He stood and was demonstrating the things we did but he’s friends had stopped laughing because they saw me standing in awe after I eased myself in.

Little wonder most of our discussions were sex oriented. It dawned on me what I meant to him at that point.
At first, he was shocked when he realised I had been standing there. Then he smiled at me and said;
“Oops,” making the ‘donno’ sign.

Like my period, even those butterflies in my stomach have a cycle. It all comes to an end.

“Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds” -Shakespeare

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15 thoughts on “Alariwo Series S04E01: Mannequin

  1. cumical says:

    Happy Birthday Goldenmoses!!!

  2. Achi_va says:

    Nice story dude,d chick found out she was ‘a’ side-chick lol,girls keep doing this to themselves.

  3. Adetayo Aduni says:

    This story is very universal cause we ladies get confused by our quest for care attention and love. Thus riddicle is inevitable. Until we learn to put God first nd every oda thing wud be added even the love nd care we want nd more

  4. rasheed says:

    lust @ first. Sight

  5. pweetyeyesdiva says:

    love doesn’t come on first sight terms…buh sex does happy birthday moses

  6. juzheard says:


  7. olaide Abass says:

    Lovely write-up Girls can see clearly that they are being used but they choose to remain blind.wise up peeps..
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY @goldenmoses

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  9. juzheard says:

    Reblogged this on Juz' heard and commented:
    hey… here’s from the other blog i write from… enjoy

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