Alariwo Poetry: iMiss Her

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So today’s Post is From @IamSizzla Enjoy 🙂

I was shy till I met her, she was my first hookup

We had our first date, I got my first kiss

She loved the atmosphere, I loved to play with trees

Even on the hottest day, she makes me feel  the breeze

Now I’m way above the ground; I’m standing on to the surface

She helps me find bliss, she helps me find focus

I’ve got a favorite girl, who’s got a favorite dress

She loves that all white, she takes away my stress

How I love this lady, she makes my soul linger

She loves the way I turn her on, I give her both fingers

I love the way she gets down, because she kisses a lot

And really, no hype, she is the definition of smoking hot

She holds my emotions, and she knows my thoughts

My problems are her own, as she’s very blunt

Giving me the confidence that I always want

She gives balance to my ph level

Being elevated beyond thought over the realm of humanity

Never coming by the simple plane of reality

It is the only way to live, I’ve never felt more alive

This intoxicant of angels, sought by normal man

She serves her purpose, the creator’s original plan

She brings out the good in me and she takes away the evil

She makes life colorful, seeing life from a different view

She magnifies my mind, I see my dreams come true

Chilling with Apollo, having sex with medusa

She even loves me more, when I try to abuse her

She loves to act mature, She’s a gift from mother nature

She makes my soul active, She’s so sexy and attractive

Smooth sailing the infinite vast waters, we crossing different borders

She asks me of not any favor, traveling beyond beauty and splendor

My mind undulates under her influence

She is the ecstasy to my soul

Anytime she comes around, excitement draws from my hand

Ready to caress and make love to her

As she makes me climax, I’m seeing jupiter

I’m her superhero, and she’s my Mary Jane

She gives me mad trips, oh, she dey burst my brain

I always cheat on her, she never will complain

We even have threesomes,  she loves to entertain

Lovely sweet melodies, playing in my heart

I swear, miss MJ and I will never grow apart

Say No to Weed

 @IamSizzla reporting on 🙂

 Disclaimer: Alariwo doesn’t in any way promote the use of “weed” this is purely just Literature 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Alariwo Poetry: iMiss Her

  1. Achi_va says:

    Lol, the last lines were unexpected

  2. This would be much better if the title didn’t give away the end. Keep tokin’

  3. oyekunbi says:

    Vry sexy,sensual n erotic poem. Wonderful read

  4. Haemlet says:

    Sighs! True love

  5. honeydew says:

    Loool,weed!? This is a rili nice write-up 🙂

  6. Sizzla says:

    esteemed gratitude….:D

  7. juigie says:

    nyc rite-up…

  8. tipsy says:

    This is sooo cool. Didn’t expect ‘her’ to be ‘weed’ tho.

  9. ohyean says:

    haha! ilike!!! ‘chilling with apollo..having sex with medusa” big ups!

  10. really thought ’twas a babe… guys are really annoying joor. why can’t it be a babe?

  11. juzheard says:

    From ur name sef… U must really like WEED… Lol… The poem is really nice, ur metaphors are extra superb!!! Luv d rhymes too

  12. G-code says:

    Nice one bruv

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