Love,Sex And Marriage : LOVE

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Incest; oh yeah that was the word I was looking for; when two people that are related by blood have sexual relations; but then technically we were not related by blood; or were we?


I’m sure we’d known before then but the earliest memories I had of her was when we played house; she was so little then but she obviously knew what she wanted; she always chose me as her husband and there was no disputing the fact that I agreed to be every single time.

Years passed and we grew fond of each other; since our houses were walking distances away, we visited each other at least once every weekday and thrice every weekend; I knew sometimes they wanted to; but my parents couldn’t complain; we were kids and above all we were cousins.

Even after all the frequent visits I guess we didn’t have enough of each other; we begged our parents to change our schools so we could be together but they refused due to proximity to their different places of work; at that point they suspected something but what could two kids possibly do with each other; they figured it was just infatuation; but I didn’t agree with them. I always had this warm feeling in my heart whenever we’re together; the feeling that nothing else mattered in the world apart from and the moment we shared; I lost appetite whenever I thought of her and she wasn’t there to share my food. Well if that’s not the definition of love I don’t know what is. But then my parents figured it would pass with time but it didn’t.

She left for secondary school and that day we both cried openly; she was three years older so I was still stuck in primary school; it felt like they were ripping my world apart; the pain was unexplainable; but then as it always thus time passed and within months she was home for the December break.

The day she came back was the happiest day of my  life; I didn’t hide my excitement as I went to her place and waited at her gate all day anticipating her arrival. After several hours she finally came. Her full blown smile from the partially half wound window was the best thing I’d ever seen in my life.

The car wasn’t finally parked before she jumped out off the car and ran down to hug me; neglecting her family members that had been waiting with me. We looked into each other’s eyes and it felt like there was much to say but the mouth said nothing. Still in her cute uniform she requested that we took a walk down our favourite path; and in minutes; walking hand in hand, we were climbing the mountain seated just behind her house.

“I have something to show you” she said shyly after we were finally settled on the mountain; “but you have to close your eyes first” she continued.

Without protest I complied with an uneven smile developing on my cheeks; then almost immediately I felt her body close to mine;  I felt her nose collide gently with mine;  I felt her eye brow brush mine; then I felt the heat from her mouth as her lips parted; the minty smell that emanated distracting me a bit; finally I felt them rest on top and between my lips.

Like I’d received previous training I complied and followed the rhythm religiously; she had her eyes closed; I opened mine to confirm 🙂 ; but the look on her peaceful face was priceless;  it sent signals to my brain; it made me the happiest man on earth.

She withdrew gently after some seconds and with tears in her almost dilating eyes she spoke up; ‘’I love you”

Ad mist a gentle smile I replied; “I love you more”

She was 11 and I was 9; but we were in love; not infatuated; we were in love.

Its still your boy @goldenmsoses; stay tuned; the madness continues.


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22 thoughts on “Love,Sex And Marriage : LOVE

  1. DayDesola says:

    First here!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoop whoop.*dancing and removing shirt* # OkBye

  2. Adetayo Aduni says:

    Love oh no can someone tell them they are kids and above al they are cousins

  3. lola says:

    Khai.. finish it joh.. mtsheww.. i love the story oo.. but how does 11 nd 9 yrs know abt love and kissing.. golden moses im suspecting u. *btw hope u guys av watched dat video of 2kids blah blah*#okbye

  4. sealbaba says:

    AhH ori e…love ko, d feeling u were feeling was d fire u both were playin wit…if se momc or popc catch una ehn

  5. Ike Amadi says:


    @ ‘I love you more’ —precious line

  6. @k6rocks says:

    Our boy golden-moses has done it again! I likey 🙂

  7. tori20 says:

    wow…nyc 1…sounds toshn

  8. honeydew says:

    11 & 9 yrs of age? *faints*

  9. Sizzla says:

    feels like my biography…nice read

  10. phunmysweet says:

    Lol… Spoilt ‘shildren’ u berra face ur books…can’t stop laughing.

  11. @tshosilva says:

    looooooooooooooooool wale smh (Y)

  12. olaide Abass says:

    Love ke no be only if I hear!!!!Abeg dis kids should snap back to reality*laughing*

  13. Iroko Toluwanimi says:

    Real nice…like d part where she abandoned her family to goan kiss on d mountain/hill/roof….whichever one..lool

  14. pweetyeyesdiva says:

    like seriously 11 and 9 kissing d messed up part is, they are cousins jeeezzz!!! dats bad moses i think u had a hand in this..

  15. galaxxxistarboi says:

    Nice writeup buh ¶τ̲̅ was imaginable.

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