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I had just vacated a day before and as usual we planned to see immediately I touched base but something important came up so we had to reschedule.

‘’Wale my parents are out now; would you come over?’’ was the message that made my phone vibrate. I didn’t bother replying though; it was more of a rhetorical question.

We’d both grown from our first kiss; she was in her SS3 then and I was in my SS1; she was enrolled in a girls only school so I couldn’t attend with her; so in other not to get tempted to fall for another I forced my parents to enrol me in a single school close to hers; the sister brother school of her school.

We had no midterms so we saw only during major breaks and since we were both non-athletes and were not really that smart, we didn’t get the opportunity to see each other whenever our schools visited each other for competitions; but then we made the most of it by exchanging letters through the athletes and the smart kids.

We’d advanced much from the kiss on the mountain though; we’d kissed longer and more often and after she started developing some curves; I started test running that too whenever I had the chance.

I finally reached her door and it was left open; I checked the sitting room and no one was there so I proceeded to her room; I’d barely stepped in when she grabbed my wrist and dragged me in for a kiss, her right hand keeping my head where she wanted it and the left trying hard to unbutton my shirt.

I recovered fast from the ambush and the manner in which I kissed her while simultaneously grabbing her ass cleared all the doubts that I missed her as much as she did me.

We were still deep exploring each other when she removed my right hand from her breast and guided it down towards her lower abdomen. Her eyes closed as she allowed my palm travel towards the sloppy path between her thighs; a gasp escaped from her mouth immediately my hand reached its destination and played a little over the swollen mould. She removed my hand almost immediately and then looking into my eyes with her wide innocent eyes she spoke up.

‘’I think I’m ready’’

‘’Are you sure you don’t want to… .’’

‘’I said I’m ready’’ she said interrupting me as she tried her best to muster a smile.

‘’But we don’t have a condom’’ I replied almost immediately

‘’I don’t want a condom going into my first time’’

With that she left me standing and she went and lay down on the bed. It took me some seconds to think it over before I finally joined her as I climbed gently over her; her smile was radiant now but then it was mixed with fear.

‘’I love you’’ I said as I planted the first kiss on her on her lip; I’d watched a little bit of porn so in a way; I knew my way around.

After some seconds of kissing her lips; I moved down to her neck then I moved further down to her breast; kissing one and caressing the other. I took one nipple in my mouth next and the she jerked suddenly and the moan she released told me I wasn’t doing too badly; but then her hand started travelling towards her other nipple and that on its own told me I neglected something so I stopped her hand half way there and encircled the nipple between my thumb and my for finger; tuning it like a kid would do to a spoilt radio.

Some more minutes passed and then I let my hand trace its way up from her thigh towards treasure hole. I rubbed it roughly at first and her moan and the way her leg engulfed my lower abdomen; so I rubbed it again some more; this time more gently till the point where she opened her mouth and no sound came out.

When I saw that; I figured I was good to go so I guided my erect member towards her sealed hole but then she jumped off with a shout almost immediately I tried to penetrate.

I’d heard it was painful; I didn’t just figure it was that bad; I was most definitely not expecting that reaction. Now I saw fear in her eyes as she covered her mouth; I figured she was embarrassed also; I didn’t just know why she was.

‘’We don’t really have to do this’’ I said kneeling on the bed; my erection contradicting my every word.

‘’Yes we do’’ she said as she bit her lip, ‘’but you have to be gentle with me’’ she replied as she lay back down.

‘’I promise’’ I replied still starring at her not making any move.

With that she leaned up a bit; spread her legs and drew me in; her legs guiding my lower abdomen to make sure it didn’t escape.

I watched her bite her lips and claw the bed as I pushed in the first time; It was so tight it even hurt my member a bit; it was clear she wanted to scream but for some reason she kept mute; this made me pity her so much I wanted to withdraw; but her legs were still intact guiding against that.

I watched as drops of tears trickled down her closed eyes; by this time I’d stopped moving; she opened the eyes full of tears as more ran down.

‘’why are you stopping’’ she said with a smile; a sad smile that took my breath away.

With that I continued but I didn’t fail to notice the mixture of pain and pleasure on her face. Within two minutes; I was done and immediately after I lay beside her quietly playing with her hair.

After some minutes of silence she leaned up; looked into my eyes and spoke up; ‘’You know I  love you right’’.

I smiled at her and I guessed that answered her question as she leaned back down and drew closer to me and we cuddled in silence till we heard the horn of her father’s car.

Wait; did I say the day I kissed her first was the happiest day of my life? Sorry for the mix up; this was definitely the happiest day of my life.

Its still your boy @goldenmsoses; stay tuned; the madness continues.


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